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    Here's my take on the keyboard...

    First, I'm coming from a Treo 650, Centro and an Instinct:

    I think the keyboard is much better than a virtual keyboard. I find that I might be a little slower on the Pre BUT I'm at about 99% accuracy. With my Instinct I was a little faster, but my accuracy was ~80% & I spent a lot more time making correction.

    The Centro keyboard is way tooooo small for my stumpy fingers.

    The Treo was a little bit bigger/easier that the Pre.

    Overall, I'm quite happy with the keyboard.

    And for those iPhone people (those who must have a virtual keyboard), I'm sure a 3rd party app will develop a virtual keyboard (just like they did for the G1)

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    Seems fine and with time will be a non issue. The keyboard of the iPhone was criticized for ever at it's intro.
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    A bit small, but overall I like it.

    I was using an T-mobile G1, and I felt its keyboard had so little travel that never really felt comfortable. In limited typing, I already feel the Pre's keyboard is superior.
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    The keyboard sucks but it's better than any touch screen keyboard. The keys are too small. The top keys are to close to the edge of the phone. The buttons are too smooth which makes it hard to distinguish buttons.
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    Coming from a Centro, it is a gift from heaven. It is much easier to type on. I don't however like the recessed feeling versus the keyboard setup on the Centro (Level to the screen). I rate it a 9.5/10.
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    I like it... The accuracy is what matters... seems like I'm very accurate with it. I can probably still type faster on my iPhone.
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    Anyone else think the keys will wear out quickly? I find myself using my finger nails to accurately strike the proper key and I'm wondering as to how long the keys will remain looking "nice"...
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    Like the phone overall. Waaaaay better than the Instinct it replaced but the keyboard feels small and cheap to me. But that's just my opinion and after I have it a while I probably won't notice it.
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    I like it. Despite being very small it seems accurate for me vs. almost every other virtual and hardware qwerty I have tried.
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    To me it's not bad. The keys feel good. It's a little cramped coming from my Treo 750 but it'll come around.
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    They really need to have a better auto-correct feature. In the couple minutes I played with it there definitely was a little auto-correct in terms of contractions and such, but it really needs to be more extensive. Imagine the auto-correct algorithms of the iPhone on a physical keyboard like the Pre. You could pump out words really quickly. Better yet, there should be different settings on how liberally you want auto-correct to work. Then you could adjust it to however it suits you. If you like to make sure EVERY button press is exact, you can turn it off. If you want to mash away at the keys near where your desired key is, you should be able to do that.
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    I tried one out about 30 mins ago and I like the keyboard better than the one I currently have on my Treo 750. While small, the keyboard on the Pre has the 'stickey' keys which in my opinion are better than the rounded plastic ones on the 750.
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    I just wish I could turn autocorrect off.

    I still have to get used to where the symbols are after switching away from Palm for about a year, especially the period (which is just totally changed).

    Other than that, I'm liking it as much as any past Treos' keyboards and much more than my q9c's.
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    I'm a fan of the keyboard. It did feel small at first, but after sending a handfull of lengthy text messages, I was typing just as fast (if not faster) than I had been on the 755p. Like Darknightdug said, I think i wont notice it after a while.

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    One other point... it would have been better if the keys had a matte finish. They are too shiny and in bright light they can reflect too much light...making it a little difficult to see the letters on the keys.

    Boy, am I getting picky

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    I too want more control of autocorrect...
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    I think its not too bad, it certainly takes a lil get use to, but overall its good.
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    It took me about 30mins and I was flying on this thing I came from a blackberry curve.
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    Coming from a 755P ...

    - The Pre keyboard totally sucked for 5 minutes.
    - Then it was pretty bad for about 10 minutes.
    - Then I just didn't like it very much for about an hour.
    - Right now, it's not my favorite keyboard ever. But it's ok.
    - By tomorrow, I'm sure I will just about as fast on the Pre as I was on the 755P, though I will always remember that hte 755P was better.
    - 8 months from now I will drop my Pre (ouch). While waiting to go swap for a new one (insurance), I'll temporarily reactivate my old 755P. I will find out that I've forgotten how to type on its keyboard and will hate it. But in my heart I will know that, really, it is the better keyboard.
    - When I have the 755P reactivated, my wife will try it, and she will ask how the heck I EVER typed anything on those big, hard bumpy keys rather than the grippy and comfortable keys of the Pre.
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    Ha! So true, true!
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