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    First of all... The Pre is the BOMB!!

    Here is an FYI on how I have my Outlook info connected to my Pre:

    #1. I set-up a Google Account

    #2. I bought a product called "gSyncit" for $10
    This software syncs both calendar and contacts between Outlook & Google
    (Note: Google has a free utility but it only syncs your calendar)
    (I know there are other sync products out there, but the free ones didn't work for me and the others were a lot more money)

    #3. Once your info is in Google, your phone will download the info.

    #4. I've tested it all ways and it seems to work.

    #5. The only issue is when I add a calendar event in my Pre, it seems to take some time for it show-up in Google. Is this normal??? Any ideas????

    I hope there will be a ToDo and Notes sync solution between Outlook, Google and the Pre.

    Hope this helps!!!


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    jj - just wanted to add that I am doing the same thing before I came in here and looked at your post. Spending another $10 sucks but having an all in one solution is a good thing and at least it wasn't $20 or $30
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    This is what I did on the HTC Magic up until I got the full Exchange ActiveSync on there.

    Works pretty well. You can set gSyncIT to always run minimized in the settings, else it interrupts you writing emails.
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    Have you tried Google Contacts? Another free option for contacts in addition to the iCal or whatever...

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