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    Anyone have any tips on how to get the pre to display colors on the monthly view of all calendars?

    The colors were something integral to my organization when I use my treo.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Bump, this is exactly what I want to know... Anyone find a way to do this?
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    The only way I see to display colors is to select something other than the "All" calender in the top right corner of the month view.
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    I've trying to see how to mark days a color myself. I was at a doctor's appt and had to pull out my PalmTX because on it in month view I was able to assign green for day off and red for work. I am able to see at a glance
    what's going on. I think for PIM stuff I am going to be looking at 3rd party apps, which is fine but I was really hoping that as a PIM, the Pre would top what the old palm OS did in that regard.

    I'm still confused about email as well. I posted to:
    but did not see any answers.

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