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    It is AWESOME!! It's like I can't believe that it's really real, and that I'm actually using the Pre. We've waited a long time for this (don't mean January either) I look at my iPhone 3G with pity (not really). Palm has set the bar with the Pre. I'm running iPhone 3.0 OS and webOS blows it away (we just need more apps).
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Im loving it so far. Its so frickin simple to use you sometimes find yourself missing the obvious while trying to do more complex operations but Im loving it.

    I just made Poison's "Nothing but a good time" my ringtone.. do I love this? Yes I do.

    no I wont actually be keeping that as a ringtone, I just wanted to see if I could.
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    this phone rocks!!!
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    The phone is good. It can be great with the right updates and 3rd party support. WebOS is the truth though.
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    AWESOME phone! And when the 3rd party apps start pouring in... I can't wait!

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