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    Which is why Sprint/Verizon doesn't tell just anyone their MSL unless there's a reason for it.
    You don't need to ask Verizon for their postpaid phone MSL. It's always 000000.

    BTW, jhoff80, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $reason$ $Sprint$ $has$ $to$ $release$ $the$ $MSL$ $under$ $certain$ $conditions$ $is$ $because$ $of$ $a$ $class$ $action$ $settlement$, $not$ $because$ $of$ $the$ $FCC$.
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    Are the MSLs for everyone's Pre different? While on the phone with Sprint for 3 hours trying to port in an AT&T number from a different area code (apparently it's a huge hassle, but we finally got it going) they gave me two different MSL codes:
    If I remember correctly, one of them completely wiped out the phone (dumped the profile, phone number programming, etc) and the other was just a hard reset. I don't remember which was which and don't want to try to find out hehe
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    I bought through Ebay a Sprint PalmPre... AS IS.... ( I thought it was a GSM , but when it reached my home there was no slot or place for a SIM CARD.... ) so I believe is a CDMA one, but it seems to connect on a GSM network, because I asked the seller and he told me that YES it's GSM quadband....
    Noe the question is: how can I FROM HERE ( ARGENTINA) get the MSL # just to get it work on other company??
    Do someone know?? or how can I unlock it?? I accesed all the codes and have them here...
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