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  • Yes, my Pre is has three or more dead pixels.

    29 24.17%
  • Yes, my Pre has two dead pixels.

    22 18.33%
  • Yes, my Pre has one dead pixel.

    36 30.00%
  • I have dead pixel issues, but it doesn't bother me enough to count.

    4 3.33%
  • Haven't bought the Pre, but this issue is bothering me.

    14 11.67%
  • Haven't bought the Pre, and this issue isn't bothering me.

    5 4.17%
  • I have no Dead Pixels

    10 8.33%
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScrapMaker View Post
    my screen has splotches all over it... especially noticable when you have a white bg... oh well... I'll take it back later... still works fine
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    Quote Originally Posted by noto220 View Post
    Im glad mine is working fine!
    Better find a piece of wood to knock on, quick..
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214 View Post
    Unfortunately, this is EXACTLY what I was afraid of when this thing debuted.....
    Oh the sky is falling!!
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    it appears my screen has a tiny hair under the screen, i first thought it was a small scratch but it is completely smooth. I may bring it back to the sprint store once there is a decent amount of inventory or see if i can somehow figure out how to get it out if it is indeed a hair, but I dont want to hurt my baby
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    Quote Originally Posted by heavyt View Post
    Oh the sky is falling!!
    It IS falling, AND there are f'd up Pres being thrown all over the place. oh! oh! oh!
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    Two dead pixels here. Will be exchanging it at a later time, since they aren't really noticeable.
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    Mine actually has an internal screen flaw. It has a white blemish about the size of a dead pixel but it's still visible even when the screen is off. It will be going back for sure but I gotta wait for them to get some more in I guess. It's a disapointment but its a new defice and flaws like that happen in any device. Its so tiny that unless you use the phone you don't notice it.
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    I'm not sure it's a dead pixel. I was noticing this on my screen too, if you hold it right you can see that there are points on the screen, like were the touch part is and I only notice it in certain light. I think its more to do with the plastic screen not the LCD it's self. It's to hard to say, I got 30 days and it's not like I can get a replacement right now were I live so I'll play with it a bit more and see.

    I'm definitely impressed by the phone so far other wise. Guess there is always snafu's and design problems with a phone on a day one purchase. I also have the insurance so I could always claim the phone as damaged. $100 is better than $500.
    Well said. Its a crap shoot with brand new devices, i'm not worried, I called Premier care and they said that I'd need to return it to the store because they don't have access to replacements over the phone yet, but might be able to soon. He said I was the first person to mention it but that they are ready to counter any issues. He said give it a few days let the stores build up inventory and when they have some go in to replace it..keep in mind that store managers are not gonna wanna replace some thing when there are lines of people trying to buy the same thing.

    Wish I could get a good picture of it, but my only other cam is a centro....
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    now im getting paranoid. i dont want to look for dead pixels. so i wont
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    I've found one stuck pixel on mine but luckily near a corner
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathan likes the pre View Post


    To be honest, the hardware was always my biggest concern.

    The OS is top notch and I still really want a phone with it, but considering the early reports that launch numbers were reduced due to product defects and troubles in the manufacturing process combined with the sheer frequency of the reports on this forum, it is making me highly skeptical of quality.

    I'd hate to think that Palm cut corners with their flagship (and lifeboat) product, but considering their lack of capital until recent I wouldn't be surprised.

    All I can hope is that all these issues we're seeing have been worked out and aren't inherent to the product design. I'll be following closely for the next week or two.
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    i got two white dead pixels and like 3 almost dead pixels. this is no good.
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    i found like 5 oh well the phone is aweeesommmee
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    i found like 5 oh well the phone is aweeesommmee
  15. enjoyingsilence
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    Anyone get their Pre and get a stuck pixel, or a dead pixel on the lcd screen? Mine has a blue one in the bottom left. Quite aggravating.
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    i have a couple. i only noticed it when the screen was all black. if it bothers me ill exchange it in about a week
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    Sir, I'm going to say this as kindly as possible. There are already several threads of this alone, on page 1. Please, don't make another one. There isn't even a need for 2, let alone 3.
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    So I thought I was looking at a couple of closely grouped pixels were blackend and no matter what the background was always visible. But after taking it out side and getting a different light it looks like its actually a bubble or something in the plastic touchscreen itself. .. I wonder if what others are seeing as dead pixles could actually be bubbles like mine?
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