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    For all those who have the Pre today can you rate it out of 10 for your overall impression.

    1) Rate the Pre out of 10.

    2) Has the Pre met your expectations, exceeded them or just plain let you down?
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    7.8. The hardware is great but the software has some very annoying problems. Lucky for us the OS updates are OTA so I am optimistic that all or most of our problems will be fixed in the not to distant future.
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    I'd say between a 7 and 8, definitely has potential and so far has pretty much met my expectations.
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    Loving it, Just needs a few tweaks and more apps..
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZwldcats View Post

    Loving it, Just needs a few tweaks and more apps..
    and i typed mine before i saw yours
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    Exceeded them, but some little bugs or missing features here and there I'd like to see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    7.8. The hardware is great but the software has some very annoying problems. Lucky for us the OS updates are OTA so I am optimistic that all or most of our problems will be fixed in the not to distant future.
    wow eight tenths accuracy. that's some precision.
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    I give the phone a 8/10 and OS 9/10 (but I haven't had any problems yet like some others).

    The phone is pretty much what I thought it would be like based on the mountain of reviews and video. My two biggest issues are the keyboard and the battery life is already frightening me. They should have made the phone a tiny bit bigger and put a 1500mAh battery in it. The keyboard could have been easily fixed by raising the buttons just a tad more I think.
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    I give it a 9. Its what i expected and comign from a WM 5.5 its wayy better. Being able to send picture mail is awesome hahaha
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    I agree. 7.5-8. I think *most* of the things that bug me COULD be an easy fix for Palm, if they do decide to turn the Pre into the ultimate phone. Otherwise, as long as they release the SDK and people start making apps for it, I can still see myself happy with this phone. We'll see how well it actually works for me at what I need it to do Mon-Fri.
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    love it all, agree with some of the software issues, however i am confident this will change.

    the only thing i wish was the keyboard was bigger and i do realize why this is not possible. oh yea i also wish it had a micro sd card slot
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    So far we are looking at about 8 out of 10 as being the average score. I find that very encouraging that straight off the phone is meeting or exceeding the expectations of most.
    The main conclusion draw from the reviews was the software was a bit suspect and though that is never welcome - these issues can be resolved with updates - so it's not as if its a compromise you have to accept for the life of the Pre.
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    I love mine. Give it an 9/10. It has exceeded my expectations. I am so impressed with WebOS..
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    As a LONG time Palm user (since the original PalmPilot), I'd give this a 7.5 overall. Lots of bling and razzmataz, but basic PIM functionality, and speed, has been sacrificed. I like the idea of "cloud" backup, but really need a desktop calendar as well. Guess I'll try Google (but no Memo sync) for now, and hope that a 3rd Party developer resurrects something similar to the old Palm Desktop.
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    8.5 for the hardware and basic OS, but only about a 6.5 for most of the apps. They're there and they work, but some functionality that many would consider basic is lacking. With a firmware update or two, I could easily see the app rating go to an 8.5 or 9.

    I just hope Palm doesn't rest on its laurels and is aggressive about updates that not only provide bugfixes but also improve app capabilities.
    - Fushigi
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    i give it a 6.5 very good phone. room for lots of improvement.
    Camera options, video, ability to select text, in webpages, save images from pages, saving a result from google map to you phone etc. I wouldnt really rate any phone over a 7 anyways. Somewhere along the lines people(manufactors) get lazy or make bad decisions. offtopic: for ex why does the touch pro 2 have the same cpu as the touch pro? (better profitability)
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    I'd say around a 8.5-9 (8.75? ). I pretty much agree with most of the answers here though, that there's definitely fixes to be done and there needs to be more apps, but I still love it.
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    This is my first smart phone but I am absolutely loving it so far. Everything is so simple and the card view is fantastic, very creative and efficient.

    Yet to encounter any bugs besides crashing once when I tried to update to 1.0.2
    A 9/10 for me.
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