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    7.5 - 8. Solid phone. It needs more apps. It needs an on screen keyboard or letter recognizer. Email and contacts need more management features. I would like to keep each account's contacts seperate or at least give me the option to decide. I also need a multi-client IM program like IM+ or Meebo.

    Other than that, I like it. I like the fact the phone is media centric, meaning there's easy ways to get music, videos, or creating your phone and not some backasswards hacks to do so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by devexpert View Post
    I doubt it. Not yet. There is lot of work they need to do. The only thing better than iPhone 1.0 is that push email works. Nothing else really. It is underpowered, it stutters when scrolling. Browser is not as good as the iPhone browser. Email is about same.

    I like keyboard though, but will be returning mine...

    From 1-10 I rate it 6.
    Did you update your phone? I have both and this browser is the same but faster to load then the iphone. The power is great, iphone still don't run 8 programs at once. I guess I'm lucky to not see the stutters or anything else. If I didn't have Sprint AND an iphone would I leave my iphone, no. If I had neither, I would ride with the Pre.

    I give it a 8.5 until they add some apps.
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    Between a 7 and an 8 but think about it. it's a 1.0 version and hands down the best out of the iphone and g1 when the were 1.0.
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    9.2... just a few little things Id like to see fixed and once flash comes on board that will go to a 9.8.
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    I'd give it a solid 8.5, on the watch-list for possible upgrade. Mine has none of the issues others have complained about, like distortion or stuck pixels. It's still a work in progress though. More apps will help, like Facebook. For a first go-round it's pretty nice, and will only get better.
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    8 or 9 .... no problems yet. the keyboard is wonderful i could almost immediately type faster then on my 8330 curve. UI is awesome. battery life is good.. not great but good. sooooo happy with it
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    i am returning it
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    I give it a 9 out of 10.

    It exceeded my expectations for a launch device, and I have already fall in love synergy.
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    9.5 on hardware - I've got to go against the grain around here and say that i love the keyboard, the phone fits my hand like a glove.

    8.5 on software - Certainly not enough apps out the door. Every basic smartphone should have solitaire on its first day. Enough with the illogical nitpicking - aside from lack of apps, and a few hiccups on the road (partly due to a learning curve, partly due to me breaking stuff) the software has by far exceeded my expectations. I'm enjoying the move away from a stylus input system to totally finger-based. It took some retraining, but considering I've been hacking it finger-style with every PDA I've owned at some point (styluses hate me) it is nice to use a system that's built for my finger.
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    After updating the software, and calling Sprint CS to do a PRL update, things have really smoothed out. Camera is so much better than the camera on my treo, its quite amazing in difference.

    My gripes are related to the limited customization ability. I have to believe this is part ignorance on my part, and part early development on the other part. In both instances, I expect to eliminate most of my aggravations in time.

    If it comes to pass, then you can consider it a 9.

    My biggest worry right now is battery life!!! Its looking like it might be a major issue. But the phone is so dang ZEN!
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    It cant get a 10 till it gets flash. And some real games that put that beautiful screen to task! I know its coming, so im gonna give it an 8 for now....
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    7: Great great phone over all, a few things missed the mark out of the gate, but i expect it to get better as time goes on
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    I haven't crashed today and have been playing with it since 11 a (it's 7 p); have no problem with keyboard, but it is tiny; so I'd give hardward a 8 Can't wait for 3rd party apps to do what software doesn't, so software is closer to a 5
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    8.5. I think that they have some bugs to work out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOneAfter909 View Post
    8.5. I think that they have some bugs to work out.
    Which is 6.5 more than my Treo 755p.
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    For those mentioning slow response I can say categorically that its got to do with the software and not the hardware. The TI OMAP Processor is the lates Cortex A8 - the same one that runs the Omnia HD whose screen / interface performance is amazing.

    Palm need to optimise and bring out new firmwares rapidly - within the first 30 days to tackle the major issues mentioned.
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    Build: 6

    It squeaks, plastic feels cheap, plus it has them sharp edges. Crappy keyboard.

    Hardware: 6

    No expandable memory. No send or end buttons. No back button. I'm getting pre thumb and pre wrist already.

    OS: 8.7

    WebOS is good. I think it's the best thing about the phone. If it can ever run iphone class apps, the iphone is in trouble.

    Default Software: 7.8

    No tethering. Crappy phone app. No MS Outlook sync out of the box. I do like much of the sprint stuff though. The itunes hack is great!!! The software will only get better.

    Potential: 8.8

    If they add a couple hardware buttons, tighten up the build quality, and get 3rd party dev support, this platform will rock, even if pre 1.0 doesn't.

    Overal: 8.2

    The iphone still has supreme dev support and the blackberry still has better email. I think with WebOS, Plam jumped over windoze mobile phones to become the 3rd option.

    Palm needs to get the pre on other carriers ASAP.
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    its no iphone killer
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    I'd give it an 8. It is very slick, but lacking some relatively basic PIM functionality. I haven't fully set it up yet either though. I think that if Palm comes thru with some sweet updates to bring a little more functionality to the PIM side, like a today screen, more info on the monthly view (icons would be REALLY nice), the ability to view all of your todo's at once (this may be available if I look deeper, we'll see), email search etc. If they do that this thing has the capability of being very close to a 10.
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    i gave it an 8. i'm very happy and no complaints at all... i've had it for a lil over 24 hours. i think a lot of stuff will be added and it will end up a 8.5-9.0 in 6 months
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