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  1. NSXLA's Avatar
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    I give it a 9 - It exceeded my expectations in how fast the OS, multitasking is (different card websites!) plus the keyboard isn't bad at all, but Bloody hell there isnt a spell checker!!!
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    I would say about a 7.5-8 for webos, room to improve alot of things but a great start, hardware i would give a 7, love my treo 700p keyboard better, but not bad, prolly will rate higher once i get used to it all, ball life could be a little better, but that will be fixed once 3rd party ones come out!! Apps (in general) i give a 6 , the ones out right now don't impress me much yet, BUT give it a month or 2 and i think we will see an explosion of good apps!!
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    Universal search - great name but poor execution. I have a 2 year old Nokia and that has Universal search - I can search from one place text messages, music, emails, bookmarks etc.

    If it wasn't for the poor UI and implementation (ie S60) you would see just how powerful the Symbian O/s is. However where Palm and Iphone have excelled is in the GUI.

    Palm just needs to bring out regualar updates.

    Palm need to concentrate on improving the software and not try to build a roadmap of devices and waste management time developing new products like the Pre.
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    For now, a 7 out of 10. Once they start to fix some of the bugs and get some more apps out there it will rise.
  5. Webby_s's Avatar
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    Need apps!
  6. dcigary's Avatar
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    9. There are some quirks that will take some getting used to.
  7. Duvi's Avatar
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    When comparing to my iPhone, 7.

    When comparing as a first time smartphone user, 9-9.5.

    Great device, good idea and definitely has a way to go. It's definitely in the right direction, just a matter of how long it will take them to get there.
  8. DogEarsAZ's Avatar
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    Another 8 here.

    Just needs a few things added & tweaked, then it will be a 9.

    Nothing can ever get a 10, perfection is unattainable in a mobile device.
  9. notabun's Avatar
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    OS = 9.5
    Functionality = 7 (needs more polish)

    Once they update a few things and add more apps in the store, this thing will be the best phone out there!
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    So, do you guys think it will give the current iPhone a really run for the money?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agibbs996 View Post
    So, do you guys think it will give the current iPhone a really run for the money?
    I doubt it. Not yet. There is lot of work they need to do. The only thing better than iPhone 1.0 is that push email works. Nothing else really. It is underpowered, it stutters when scrolling. Browser is not as good as the iPhone browser. Email is about same.

    I like keyboard though, but will be returning mine...

    From 1-10 I rate it 6.
  12. Duvi's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agibbs996 View Post
    So, do you guys think it will give the current iPhone a really run for the money?
    Not a chance. I have both now. It will steal customers who love their simply everything plan and were hesitant in switching to at&t. It will also get new smartphone users, not most or all, but some.
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    solid 9
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    Solid 8. Would be higher if software deficiencies were solved. When I'm done it'll be a 9.2 or so. That'll probably be late in the year or next year when the software solutions are robust and I have all the accessories I need from the top flight companies.
  15. OneSix's Avatar
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    I give it an 8.

    I'm overall happy with the phone just the light blotch when its too warm.
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    Today a six. Maybe higher Tomorrow but itz been dropping my calls a lot. So that is the #1 task a smartphone must do.
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    9 for a unique and stylish phone...good bye iphone
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    10 - look and feel - AMAZING design and modern style

    3 - hardware - processor weak, memory weak, phone was slow to respond to taps, crashed frequently while navigating the OS and apps

    4 - software - built in apps were too limited in functionality. I don't expect basic functions like tap responsiveness, copy/paste, email search, selecting text on a page, saving images from a page, etc. to be missing from an advanced device like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    Precisely. So far the signal strength isn't the greatest in my house. My 755p had better. But otherwise I love everything about it. Still finding out every little morsel...
    Treo 650p --> Treo 755p --> Pre
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    i'd give it a 8.75
    - a whole point off for not having a way to look up a contact's address *from* (NOT while) within the google maps -or- sprint navigation apps. (if i am missing how to do this, please let me know, i'll gladly edit my reply)! it would be great if i didn't have to open the contacts app and search for the contact then flip back to google maps/sprint navigation then typing it all in. (if you've had a treo 755p, you know what i'm after).
    - a quarter of a point off for not giving more fine-grained control over contact import (perhaps by using the groups feature of both google and facebook this can be acheived in future updates)
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