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    I had decided to wait a little bit on the phone, see what announcements Apple makes next week, see what people thought of it, etc..

    I've been working in the yard all day, so I haven't had my phone with me and I just checked my VMs and had two calls from the guy at the non-corporate Sprint store I got on the list for.

    He said they're selling the phones like crazy but wanted to call me one more time before he sold the one he was holding for me, WOW.

    Anyway, I told him I'm waiting for what I mentioned above.. although I was SOOOO tempted to run down there and get it..
    That's really good business though 'cause if I do buy the Pre I'm definitely going to buy it through them!
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    Sad how non Corporate stores are giving better service than Sprint themselves.. haha, figures.

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