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    You can only search the subject line of email that is "downloaded" into your phone.

    What we need is a way to search the thousands of messages still on the server via date, subject, body, attachment, etc.

    The old Gmail app for Palm worked wonderfully...why can't we have something similar for the Pre?
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    Hmmmm. It's shocking that "universal search" doesn't include email and calendar. The searching of subjects is indeed better than nothing, but in the end, most of my email searches are for sender or some word in the body of the email. Searching Versamail on my Centro is fast and accurate. Sooooo...what about using Versamail in classic mode? Anyone doing that? Is there search in Classic? I should probably start a new thread for this one...
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    No calender search. Email search only searches words in the title and people the email was sent to and from. It does not search the body of the email.
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