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    I'm envious cglaguna. I wish my Pre got service here! You are right in that the iPhone feels enormous after using the Pre. It's really shockingly big after going back to it. People don't really understand until you do it. It will seriously wow you. The bend of the Pre screen is so nice and really weirds you out when going back to the flat iPhone screen.

    While I find Web OS and Card View to be superior to the iPhone I find the actual build and navigation of every app but the camera to be more intuitive on the iPhone. Just the placement and smoothness of the stock stuff, from settings to scrolling - the basic stuff.
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    The only thing I miss right now are my apps. I'm still getting acquainted with how the Pre feels in hand compared to the iPhone, but I really love the size and actually like the keyboard much more than I thought I would. I wish it had better auto correct and double space for period, but otherwise I can surely live with this phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fbeaumont View Post
    I kind of wish the Pre screen was a bit bigger.. but the overall size is a nice small pebble.
    The size was probably the top reason why I got the pre. If it was any bigger I would of stayed with the g1. I've got a netbook in the bag if I need something to get serious on the internet with. I wanted something that slipped into my pocket.

    I really feel like they got this phone right. Almost like I should never of doubted them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jacked View Post
    I am a current iPhone 3G user and I picked up the Pre this morning to try out before deciding to port my number. I have yet to really sit down heavy with it as I'm letting it charge on the touchstone now. But from the brief time I have spent with it, here are my thoughts:

    Overall it truly is an absolute winner. After using it for only a few minutes, going back to the iPhone actually was quite strange. It felt like the iPhone no longer fit right and it was oversized or something. It felt really big and sort of awkward. The Pre just fits exceptionally well in your hand - really the best phone I've ever held in my hand design wise.

    I rely heavy on MobileMe to keep all of my computers and iPhone in sync, as well as using it for email, so I was pretty nervous as a Mac user coming to the Pre; especially since I don't use Facebook or Twitter. But I downloaded the Pre migration utility posted on Palm's website and it transferred all of Address Book contacts (with pics and all), as well as iCal events, without a hitch. I was actually surprised and beyond happy that it did exactly what it claimed to.

    WebOS is just stellar as can be. Card view is the balls; definitely has an Apple feel to it. The scrolling around is just slightly less smooth than the iPhone, but probably only noticeable to heavy iPhone users who are nitpicky about such a thing. It's that close.

    The browser is pretty on par with Safari. This was major for me. I use Safari constantly on my iPhone. The Pre might load slightly faster than Safari, but they're pretty close. The opening bookmark page screen is a nice feature as well. The iPhone, however, syncs my bookmarks with MobileMe and matches my Macs exactly, so I might give it the edge because of that.

    Now for the keyboard... it's actually not bad at all. I haven't had issue with it in the slightest. I can blaze like no one's business on the iPhone and Blackberry Bold keyboards, and I was cruising pretty well on this one as well. Having a physical keyboard really is nice, especially while driving - not that we should be texting while driving, but not having to look at the keyboard is nice.

    The only bad thing I have to say about the Pre so far is not even a fault of the Pre (I hope at least). I am smack dab on the Las Vegas strip and the Pre has been fluctuating between full EVDO to none, to full 1x. The iPhone 3G will fluctuate a bit as well but nowhere near as much as Sprint service has been since I got home an hour ago. However I get a ridiculous amount of failed calls on ATT and weird garbled calling out issues all the time on both my ATT phones all over Vegas. But I am pretty nervous about this Sprint service and that might be a deciding factor in itself.

    I'm going to dive in heavy once the Pre is off the Touchstone and I will report back. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask because I'm in the same boat as you. I am anxious to see what Apple announces Monday.
    Totally agree. I would have stayed with the iPhone, save for AT&T's dreadful coverage.

    My biggest gripe with the Pre is not having the center button toggle the screen on, as does the iPhone's. The switch on the top of the Pre is not the best, and almost impossible to depress when the keyboard is open.

    I was using MobileMe, but transferred all my contacts and calander events to Gmail, which is free, vs. MobileMe for $99/year. Google sync works as well, or better than MobileMe.

    My other gripe is the selection of ring tones on the Pre. I remember my Treo 755p having better ring tones, so I plan on downloading some better ones for the Pre.

    I'm also waiting a week to port from AT&T, just to be sure that the Pre is more stable than my previous Palm devices.
    iPhone on AT&T, Waiting for the Pre
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