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    You can go on the internt under wifi during a call.
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    As well it should.
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    Yup, this was confirmed before.
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    Thats good to hear.
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    sweet.. just added an over powerline acces point in my house to get full house coverage so I am all set!
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    Hmmm... picked up the Sprint MIFI card (portable wireless router.. the size of a business card holder) at the Sprint Pre Party last night that brodcasts 3G through wifi. Trying it out now on my laptop as I post.. seems as quick as my built in 3G Sprint Card (needed it for other laptop travel solutions).... Sooo... If I keep the wireless router on me in my pocjet and broadcast it as WIFI to the Pre.. theoretically.. I should be able to be mobile in non-wifi areas and search the web on the wifi 3G connection on the Pre and stay on a call.... Hmmm... They said I was the first person in the store to Buy one as they just arrived the same day as the Pres..... I will test it out this weekend and post results...

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