View Poll Results: What service did you have when you bought your new Pre?

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  • Upgraded/Already with Sprint

    91 51.70%
  • Moved from AT&T

    37 21.02%
  • Moved from Verizon

    35 19.89%
  • Moved from another carrier

    13 7.39%
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenada View Post
    I am waiting until the end of September when my contract with AT&T expires. I can't afford another ETF.
    have you tried calling sprint? They might offer you a $100 service credit or something. Worth a shot. They gave me a $100 credit recently to help me buy the Pre because I wasn't up for the $199 upgrade price.
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    I was sticking with Sprint after my contract expired to wait and see how some of the other big phones played out. I was glad to see the Palm Pre announced at CES and encouraged my decision to sign a new contract with Sprint. I'm satisfied so far.
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    I'm testing driving from Verizon for 30 days and if I like the phone service, I'll port my number over. I picked up the Pre while I was out of town so this is day one with the Pre in it's new environment. So far, I'm happy other than the problems with using Classicapps.
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    Bump... be sure to vote in the poll. It looks like Pre could be a savior for Sprint if 50% are coming from elsewhere.
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    Even though I was already with Sprint, I'm going to be paying more per month than I was before. It's not as good for them as a brand new customer, but Sprint's still going to be getting extra money out of at least some of the other 50%.
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    ^Good point. We are paying more but we're getting more... more minutes, Sprint Navigation, etc. More revenue for Sprint even from existing customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xenophonite View Post
    ^Good point. We are paying more but we're getting more... more minutes, Sprint Navigation, etc. More revenue for Sprint even from existing customers.
    I was paying AT&T almost $100 per month for a single line and BlackBerry service! Now I'm paying $60 (after discounts) for the same level of service or better, same minutes (that I never use) and now I have insurance. I'm patting myself on the back right about now.
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    i switched from AT&T and the iPhone 3g.

    Same plan, $20 a month less. so far i'm really happy. data seems alot faster, not one dropped call. was going to give it a 30 day trial but i was convinced enough to go ahead and port today.
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    With 3 lines on AT&T sharing 1400 minutes with internet on all and unlimited messaging would have run me close to $200 a month. With Sprint, for 3 lines sharing 1500 minutes unlimited internet on all 3 lines, unlimited messaging and MMS, tv, navigation, streaming radio etc etc etc will run me close to $100 after my work discount.

    Just on the basis of money alone it's a no brainer. I did have an iPhone and do miss some of the features but for the money I'm saving along with the added features of having navigation (without having to pay for a Tom Tom kit if I had the iPhone), and TV it all well makes up for it. I'm sure the platform will get better once we get people modding the thing.

    P.S. if you guys want to save money on 411 use 800-goog-411. It's great.
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    I like that Navigation is included. No need to buy updated maps every year too, as with Garmin and TomTom. Only downside is that you must have a signal to work.

    Poll still shows near 50% are new to Sprint. Be sure to vote.
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    Anyone else need to answer?
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