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    I have noticed a small about of black grease (or some kind of lubricant) coming off of my Palm Pre on the back near the mirror. Maybe it's used for the sliding mechanism. I was like, hey where did this grease that is now on my fingers come from.

    I have also notice that when I have on my polarized sunglasses it is hard to read the screen because of the distortions. I take them off and it is crystal clear. This might be a major problem for me.
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    I am getting the same grease from mine. It worries me, because there is a lot of dust and lint that get on phones--and if there is grease present, it will eventually gum up.
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    Polarized glasses have always distorted LCD screens.
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    I agree about the polarized glasses. I do not have the grease on my and boy have I opened and closed. I spend some time opening and closing because I was having trouble doing this so I spent time just doing it until I got that hang of it.
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    I gave up polarized sunglass a number of years ago for just this reason. LCDs (all of them) incorporate a polarizing layer, so there's really no way to avoid it.

    If the grease thing becomes a common issue that's a deal breaker. I'm not going to have a phone ruin my clothes.
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    They'll need to start making pocket protectors for the Pre.

    Maybe the black grease is a NASCAR thing?
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    Agree with everyone else on the polarized glasses. The screen does change but not to bad. I've viewed some stuff where the polarized completely blacks out the screen.

    They've always been a pain with my polarized glasses.
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    Maybe the grease thing was how it was applied on a certain batch of the phones? I've not had any issues with grease so far.
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    I have never had an issue with my polarized sunglasses and any other phone, I havnt even seen the slightest rainbow effect. With the Pre... Lets just say I though it had broken in my pocket the first time I took it out Saturday afternoon!

    It is annoying.
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    I don't have polarized glasses but if I remember correctly from one of my physics labs that they only way polarized lenses will block light is with a 180 degree rotation. So two polarized lenses rotated perpendicular will completely block light. So a workaround might be to rotate the screen until it reaches optimal viewing clarity. I don't know if this will work but I thought I would just throw it out there. Could be worth a try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougB541 View Post
    Polarized glasses have always distorted LCD screens.
    Not always LCD Screens. When you look at tinted windshields, you see all those blackish dots on it. It's just the way it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    I gave up polarized sunglass a number of years ago for just this reason. LCDs (all of them) incorporate a polarizing layer, so there's really no way to avoid it.
    I'm afraid you are right, I have the same problem with the display of my car stereo... It is just the way things are designed..
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    I can't see most of my Sirius receiver's screen unless I tilt my head just right when wearing my polarized sunglasses. Small inconvenience for the protection of my eyes, though. I noticed it a little bit with the Pre but if I turn my head and/or the phone slightly you can see a little better, or at least move the dark spots to a different part of the screen so you can see the part you're trying to look at.
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    polarized also affect how tinting looks, some cars look like they have chameleon tint jobs, mine also make the screen look weird but its a small price to pay in my eyes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToolkiT View Post
    I'm afraid you are right, I have the same problem with the display of my car stereo... It is just the way things are designed..
    That's because of the angle you look at it. Most LCD screens are fine with polarized glasses until you tilt your head to one way or another. Either that, or your glasses were polarized poorly. No one should have an issue when you look dead on. However with a device like a pre, I'm assuming they polarized it both ways because you can use the device both ways, so you're ed
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    I showed my pre to a fellow employee who was wearing polarized lense sunglasses and he told me my screen must be a second and not a first lcd build quality. It has dark blothces in all four corners of the screen when looking right at the screen with no tilt. Does this sound like a quality issue with my pre's screen?
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    I got rid of my polarized glasses for that very reason, on another note has anyone noticed how bright the pre is even when outside during bright sunlight. My last phone was almost worthless (Mogul) in massive sunlight, but the pre can handle anything.
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    well, I've had polarized sunglasses for a while, and my cars GPS and previous cell phone looked okay. the cell phone's colors wouldn't show up correctly, but everything was readable.

    with the pre, it's a strange distortion that shows up on the phone, which makes it difficult to read things in certain areas. it's not consistent over the whole phone. I will try and take a picture later to show you what I mean. is this what you guys are seeing with polarized sunglasses?
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    The polarized issue depends on the screen. I've had some Treo's, Moguls, and some will completely black out and some just slightly dim and still completely readable. Maybe on the Pre its bac because of Pre's capacitive screen. I wonder if all capacitive screens are like that.
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    there isnt any grease on the inside tracks of my pre, but my friends pre does have this and i think we figured that it was grease from his hands smearing the mirror and after sliding it open and closed without cleaning the mirror off the grease builds up on the slides tracks and then turn black from dust collection. Pretty nasty but we did clean it all off and duplicated this result on purpose again. just clean your mirror off more often or just dont touch it.
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