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    +1 on the corrupt e-mail being the problem. I was having the same problem where only 5 messages would show and all the rest were blank. I logged into the webmail interface via web browser and deleted all of the e-mails in my inbox back to the date that I started having the problem. Refreshed e-mail on the pre and Shazam all of my inbox appears again.

    I'm willing to bet the problem is an email gets corrupted in the cache and the rest of the inbox doesn't show until you trigger a delete of the cached mail via imap.
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    +1 here as well. I compulsively check email on my pre and noticed that after the receipt of one particular message, my gmail inbox went blank. As soon as I deleted the message from gmail's web interface, and hit refresh on my pre, everything went back to normal.

    Verizon webOS1.4.1.1
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    Woke up this morning and found I have the blank inbox issue with Yahoo mail. I can see all subfolders and messages, but not the main Inbox. It displays the number of unread messages, but nothing (occasionally divider lines) else. Did the requisite delete and add the account with no luck. Deleted all mails received since last known viewing of inbox from the web interface, no luck.

    Does anyone have the definitive answer to help?

    (I've had this Pre for over 1 year and this is the first time I've experienced this issue)
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    Seems to have sorted itself out without further intervention. Mystery unsolved.
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    I can vouch for the corrupt e-mail problem too. My wife and I happened to get an e-mail from a friend on the same day that her yahoo account and my gmail account Pre Inbox became blank. After I read this thread, I found this common email we had on the day our problem developed and erased it. Problem instantly solved. Very weird, but it worked.
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    Same issue. Seems every once and while a corrupt email, or something that palm's email client doesn't understand, causes all email below it to "disappear" you must log on to either the mail's web interface or another Email client and delete it. Then refresh email on pre, and Bam! all the emails display again... seems like a problem that should be fixed by now, but maybe with webos2.0.

    Current Version 1.4.5
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    Just following up on this recurring issue. It is possible to find and delete the
    corrupt email from the Pre. Scroll down to first message in the list that you can
    see (could be days/weeks old) open it up, and then keep clicking on the < icon
    to read previous (newer) emails. Keep going until you get to the very latest
    emails, and delete anything you've received since it last worked.
    After every time you delete, it returns you to the inbox (annoying),
    so you may have to repeat the process a few times until you get it.
    When you do, suddenly all the missing messages will re-appear in the inbox.

    I think the bogus one for me was a Paypal spam message. When I sent the
    web formatted email from Eudora on my PC to my browser, it showed
    as broken html.

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