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    The Pre is positively more compact and smaller than my Treo 755p in all dimensions on a side by side comparison.

    I bought a leather Palm case to go with the Pre for around $29.00. I also got the horrible Sprint screen protector for only $10, but you have to cut the plastic yourself. Worse, I have air bubbles everywhere even despite my best efforts to remove them. I'm already on my 3rd screen protector because i couldn't stand the air bubbles from the first two! Oh well, guess I have to wait until TreoCentral comes out with a better one for the Pre, especially one that's pre-cut already!

    I'm trying to charge the Pre with the supplied USB/AC charger cord. My first challenge was trying to open the tiny side pocket slot on the Pre to charge the device. I'm having a hard time opening the darn slot! I'm sure this stupid piece of plastic is going to rip off soon! Anyone have advice on how to open this USB charger slot easily??

    The Pre screen is very bright and vibrant. I'm still trying to get used to the whole swiping gesture! The Pre keyboard is smaller than the 755p, but I guess I'll get used to it, plus have to get used to sliding out the keyboard all the time too.

    I'm happy there is a dedicated ringer mute slide button on top of the device, similar to the 755p. Also there is a vibration alert when set on mute. It's funny that the sales rep helping me told me there's no dedicated mute ringer button, but in fact there is.

    I didn't buy the wireless charger, maybe next time. I really wanted to buy extra batteries, but there wasn't any in stock. I was told maybe next week extra batteries will be available.

    I haven't figured out how to transfer my Contacts and Calendar information from my Treo 755p to the Pre yet. Actually, I'm in no rush, since I kept my 755p active, and added the Pre as a separate phone line. I'm still hesitant to do the whole synching to the cloud thing. I'm waiting for a local hotsynch 3rd party application to come along.

    Everything went smoothly at the local Sprint store, and got the Pre activated with no problem. I'm so glad I waited at a Sprint store, rather than a Best Buy which I didn't have confidence in. My net price is $199 at Sprint with discount and activation, but I have to send in a rebate form though. The sales rep told me she's jealous I have a Pre, since all the employees at Sprint there have to wait for customers to get their Pre first!

    I wish the Pre had modem tethering ability, I'm hoping PdaNet will be available for the Pre. In the meantime, that's also why I'm keeping my 755p because it has PdaNet for modem tethering.

    By the way, there were reporters from both Engadget and T3 that were taking pictures and blogging the whole experience early this morning. One of the Engadget reporters was showing me the Engadget website with the pictures he shot, and he was showing me all this on his own Pre. I'm sure I'm included in the pictures, as I was number 11 standing in line at the Sprint store downtown in San Francisco. The T3 reporters flew in from Europe to cover this story, because they said the Pre won't be available in Europe for awhile. One of the T3 reporters bought a new Pre. From the looks of things, nobody camped out overnight from what I can tell. The first person in line was there at 6:00am, no tents, no sleeping bags! Camping overnight is for the iPhone crowd!

    Here's my picture in Engadget's website. I'm the one holding the coffee:

    Here's me holding up my number while waiting in line - I'm number #11:
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    You're not the only one struggling with the panel for the USB connection. I was so darn scared the first time that I was going to break it. You definitely have to keep a little bit of finger nail to open it.
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    Open the slider first, it's much easier that way.

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