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    I was worried too (hated the Centro kb every time I picked it up), but I have adapted really quickly. I type with the tips of my thumbs a liitle more than the fat part. I have a Touch Pro - an dI can type almost as good on the Pre after one day as I can on that huge kb. Some will be disappointed, but if you did not actually buy it and give it a try, don't diss it too much. Would I have liked one slightly bigger (and a bigger screen), sure - but this is a really sweet phone. I'll live with it until #2 comes along.
    It's not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” - Darwin
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    Good thoughts, I will try playing with the device again in a week or so when I start doing my comparison of smart phones -iphone,BB, and Pre. Maybe if I get like 15 minutes to keep banging away at the Pre it won't be so bad?

    I really wanted to love the Pre as I didn't really want an iPhone....
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    The keyboard still feels weird to me (coming from 700P), but I think I'll get used to it in about a week. Blows away on screen keyboards for me.
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    Try using an Instinct (on screen) keyboard sometime. Then try not to throw it across the room.

    I like my pre-board just fine.

    The reason I think some people are calling it cramped is because the depth of the surface you are typing on is rather thin compared to a blackberry or older palm. A side effect of the slide out design. Like you are "pinching" more than a thicker keyboard.
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    Im from Centro, which has even smaller keyboard. So you can imagine Im pretty happy with Pre's kb.
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    Coming from the 700p and 600 before it - at first I struggled with the keyboard. But after a few minute's worth of use, I got used to it,

    I'm surprised how easy it is to use, anyone who has ever used a treo knows that you have to type a bit differently. Keyboard is fine.

    I'd much rather still have a 5 way to move the cursor through text though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NM08SRT8 View Post
    I think the key phrase here is, "Learning Curve".
    I agree. After reading numerous reviews about the keyboard I was a little worried about it. And then when I got it in my hands I was shocked at how tight it really was. I came from a Mogul though. After only a few hours I was practically up to my old typing speed.
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    Standing in line for my turn at the register yesterday morning, I walked over to look at one of the demo Pre's the store had out. I didn't want to mess around with it too much, since I knew I would have my own within 30 minutes, but I did want to look at the keyboard...

    My immediate first impression was was way too small. I sat it down and got back in line. Five minutes later, I couldn't help walking back over to look at the demo unit again. I immediately began typing with some good speed...after about 2-3 sentences, I was rolling. Within an hour of getting home with it yesterday morning, I could type just as fast as my Blackberry 8830 and faster than my Treo 650.

    MORAL OF THE STORY: Any keyboard takes a little patience to get used to. As someone else said, there's a learning curve. Trust me, give it an hour or two and you won't give the keyboard a second thought.
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