Long time lurker...first time poster. First thanks to PreCentral for all the indepth coverage, I knew the phone before I even put my hands on it :P

So I was denied a Pre today at a Sprint Store.

- I've been a Sprint customer for 9 years.
- Not eligible for an upgrade right now
- Understands he will have to pay $549

Now that I've got that out of the way, I just want to buy a Pre regardless if my contract is renewed 2 more years or whatever.

I was in Herndon VA, and at 7:30 there were only 5 of us waiting outside. At 8 am the 2 employess present open the door and first say 'we are not doing any outright sales'

I explained my situation (bear in mind I called them the night before and confirmed I'd be ok) and they still said no. They won't sell to me. Essentially setting the stage that exisiting customers w/o upgrade options available will be denied sale of the Pre via an "Official Sprint Policy that was about 2 weeks old".

I call B.S., as did the other 4 with me, and they gave me the directions to a corporate store 5 miles away.


I arrive in Reston VA and sure enough they confirm that the other store has no clue what they are talking about (re: denying a $549 + accesories sale) and got me on their list to be helped.

It took about an hour but it was well worth it.

Bottom line:
- Pre rocks and is everything I had hoped it would be
- Sprint in Herndon VA is totally clueless
- Sprint in Reston were consummate professionals

LOL the one funny bit: The wayward Sprint store was playing PreCentral's 'how to open the battery compartment vid' on their TV