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    I'm just posting to see if I can get thanked by Searchable. LOL You all are fortunate that the mods here have such a high tolerance for uneccessary hostile behavior. Of course, even they have their limits and I suspect this thread will be closed soon.

    A couple points I would like to make getting back on topic:

    1) All Smartphones makes tradeoffs. The iphone traded off a real keyboard, for example. The Pre has a very small keyboard. Both were trying to get a smaller phone that people were asking for. The reality is that more buyers perfer smaller phones to full size keyboards. There will never be a smartphone that will be everything to everyone. Palm will know fairly quickly (in a few months) which tradeoffs were wise and which ones, such a possibly an LED, PC syncing, or an SD card port might've been wrong. I do know that many of the people who are complaining are also ones that were complaining about wanting change. Now they have change and are having difficulty dealing with it.

    2) That said, most of the criticisms I'm reading about the Pre, are fixable (the PIM data and how its handled, the ringer volume, etc.). I also believe the Palm OS emulator will get better, or other developers will make a better one. If memory serves the iphone didn't have much of an app store at initial launch. I think in six months, that concern will be long gone, and if Palm doesn't fix some of the issues people are bringing up now, third party developers will.

    3) The phone is an iPhone "killer" (at least in the iphone's current presentation), because the iPhone can't multi-task. I could be wrong, but I believe that unless Apple has been working on a completely new OS, rather than making incremental improvements on its current OS (a mistake Palm made and hopefully the Pre will help it recover from), then there is no way the iPhone can keep up with the Pre. The Pre not only is currently better, but will have ample opportunity to distance itself from the iPhone. It now has the advantage. I haven't seen anyone criticize the WebOS. Even the staunchest of Palm critics (including Engadget) love it. That speaks volumes. Apple's iPhone OS is built off its own Mac OS and cannot truly multi-task.
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    Multitasking is only useful if the apps that you've got running do what you need them to do. Right now, I'm not sure that's true of the Pre. One of the nice features of multi-tasking is being able to download a file in the background while browsing something else. But the Pre doesn't allow downloads from the browser. Oops!

    And, of course, I can't log in to half of the web sites I visit, because I can't type special characters into browser fields. Well, it would be nice to keep them active in the background if I COULD log into them.

    Someone posted that when they connect the email app to their EAS server at work, it automatically added the entire global address list to their Pre. My company's GAL has about 4500 people, and a hundred or more groups! If I then also configure google email, it'll add hundreds, if not thousands, of people I've sent an email to once, and never want to contact again, to my contacts list. I could easily have 5 or 6 thousand contacts on my device. Good thing it multi-tasks, cause I'll probably want to do something else while the Pre searches for the contact I want in the background.

    Ii really, really wanted to like this phone, and really would like to be able to call it an iPhone killer, but I just don't see it. At least not yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo Musketeers View Post
    2) That said, most of the criticisms I'm reading about the Pre, are fixable (the PIM data and how its handled, the ringer volume, etc.).
    Both of the previous Treo models I've owned had weak volume and Palm never fixed it. I see no reason to believe they'd do so with their current device.

    Heck, not only did they not fix the volume issue, but they actually put out MORE phones with the exact same issue.

    It took third-party software to resolve it.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    Yeah. Just brouht mine back. Not really a palm device, but rather a phone made by a company called Palm. The Apple managment imports made an entertainment device rather than a business phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by west3man View Post
    Both of the previous Treo models I've owned had weak volume and Palm never fixed it. I see no reason to believe they'd do so with their current device.

    Heck, not only did they not fix the volume issue, but they actually put out MORE phones with the exact same issue.

    It took third-party software to resolve it.
    I would respond with two comments. First, my head is not up Palm's arse. I am not one of these people who thinks Palm does not wrong. I agree Palm doesn't appear to be as customer friendly as it should be, or as it once was years ago. They have done a lot of acts of commission, or omitted several fixes that needed to happen on old Palm devices, including my 755p that never were fixed. The poor soldering connection, for example, on the earphone jack showed up on a number of models of Palm phones. So what you say has merit.

    One sound criticism of Palm with the 755p and the Centro, has been its lack of quality controls. Unfortunately, it sounds like the dead pixels and smoky screens on the Pre, are from the same poor quality control. I also believe that Palm really didn't care much about Centro owners. They were just trying to sell cheap smartphones in volume, to get them through until they could get the Pre out. HOWEVER, the Pre is a make or break phone for Palm. And unlike the Centro, or even the 800w (may it rest in peace) and the Pro, Palm has to be very invested in making this phone the very best it can be and for once, listening to its costumers. The Pre, and its successors, will be focused on building customer base and bringing Palm back into the black and into a competitive edge. From that perspective, I have no doubt that even if Palm goes belly up, (which I doubt), they will be quickly bought up by someone with enough capital to exploit the advantage that the WebOS has over its rivals. That said, meyerweb's comments also have merit, the OS's advantages are minimized if you can't use them (e.g. the browser issues he mentions).

    Now, with that said, please review my earlier comments, and you'll see that what I said, was that these issues were fixable and that if Palm didn't fix them, third party developers would. So again, I agree with you. It also wouldn't surprise me if Palm didn't fix some of these issues, because they still have an arrogant attitude, most easily seen in the way they have treated their traditional developer base. But, they have no monopoly on arrogance....Apple shares equally in that regard.
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    Wow, did you guys know about this ?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OLD_HATCH View Post

    Intelligence has nothing to do with it.

    Frankly while it is a very nice phone its not all it was hyped up to be. I am just hoping that real applications will make it something better, but once you get past the newness of it it really doesnt do much out the box.

    Again I am not a type of person that puts all their info on the net so all the "Cloud" hype doesnt meanuch to me.

    Email is good, web is good, but the simple organization of the Palm OS is just not there.

    I believe the PRE has an app that will let you run "Classic" Treo interface.

    It's amazing how much people want things to be better but at the same time they are looking for things that will make the same
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    Reading comprehension. It's not just for kids, anymore.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    On a quick stop by the local Sprint store on the way home today I think I met the grandpa, uncle or great-grandpa of my next pocket pleasure. Now I can appreciate the flames and frustrations I've read here, too!

    Why I'll carry one of these when my contract is up:

    1) It ain't phone, nor an iPod nor an MP3 nor a camera - it's something friendly to touch that will be happy in my shirt pocket, pants or jeans pocket, or a holster. If Pre is going to be a bunch of things, the shape and tactile feel should not be one or another, but "other." This puppy is "other" and feels kinda nice at that. Have you "gone tactile" with Pre and your current PDA and phone with your eyes closed yet? It is safe to do and legal in 48 states if you are sitting in a chair or standing on solid ground, but never in the driver, pilot or captain's chair...

    2) At last, instead of app-specific data models and different apps for the two worlds (on-phone and off-phone), they've made progress at One Model - the All or the Cloud. While I can't speak for you, it IS what I've been waiting for. Of course this will confuse the armies of developers trained to think that the world is On-Phone or Off-Phone. Give them time to gronk this one and we'll all be much better off.

    3) I've used all kinds of keyboards and have 3 driving 2 computers in my office. I've used touch and hard keyboards, RIM, Apple, Palm and WinMo. This Pre keyboard works OK. If you are in a store and see Donald Duck, Disney Animal at Large, Anaheim, CA in there, Biggest Horse was at play!

    As far as folks who seem to need a handle to open this clam, I can only laugh. They strike me as geeks who need a user manual to convert Girlfriend to Lover. Stop looking for the handle or the button. Just gently squeeze the top away and the soft bottom towards you and voila, the clam opens and you've got the oyster of keyboards! Not so mysterious at all.

    And, how about the single pearl on the face to flip from App Mode to Card Mode? Pure genius. Must phones have buttons for call/answer, hangup/ignore and a navigation thingie. RIM should be in fear of this stuff, WinMo 6.5 and 7 beta too - Pre invites us to touch the pearl and directly touch or gesture to our heart's desire. Do you realize the extra time and energy once wasted aligning a cursor with a field that is erased from our lives? Or the angst from pressing This button when we wanted That button? Just stroke the Pearl and directly access your pleasure. Elegant and simple, if you ask me.

    Well done, new Palm!

    And, for those who say 3G doesn't work and Sprint doesn't work - stay where you are and be happy. Once I got my new Sprint USB 3G modem, plugged in an 8 GB microSD and autoinstalled on XP, Vista and OS X, I knew the world had changed. Please, those of you who can't get that far, stay away and leave us to play at warp speed on Sprint. Try surfing and e-mailing on Amtrak in the Philly to DC corridor on your non-Sprint device. The people not cursing and grumbling are the ones on Sprint... And we appreciate you staying off our frequency!
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    Wow this too... the gotchas keep piling up here!
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    Yes Thank you.

    Ive downloaded that app and it shows promise.

    The "Cloud" doesnt make up everything on this phone.

    As the title stated I was just not as impressed as I thought I would have been. I really wanted to love this thing for all that it can do, but everything that it can do got watered down.

    Its funny because I like the PRE but people make it seem like I am badmouthing it. That is not the case.

    I am using this web forum for what its intents are. Ask questions and state my opinion.

    To all that understand what I am saying, Thank you. To all who dont..........well I cant help you.
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