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    Sorry if theres already been a thread but I was hoping some of the smart phone veterans around here would have some tips for extending the battery life. I remember one of the reviews I saw made suggestions for setting your mail options to improve battery life that seemed backwards (something like "as it arrives" instead of check every "X" minutes.

    Thanks from a Smart Phone Noob.
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    Longer intervals for mail checks.
    WiFi off when not in use.
    Bluetooth off when not in use.
    Location services *might* eat some battery power but I have no direct knowledge of this.
    Turn down screen brightness.
    Don't leave apps running in the background. Even if they're idle, just having them open tends to use battery power. WebOS does multitask, but it's not without it's pitfalls.

    CDMA phones go into some kind of search loop when you travel outside of a coverage area. This is a major cause of loss of juice. There are no tips I can give you about that, except the smartass answer to stay in an area with good Sprint signal strength.
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    i also remember reading in one of the reviews that if you set your email delivery to "As it arrives" it will consume less power than a set-interval check.
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    anyone got an idea of continuous TT or standby mode?
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    I'm not sure what Palm claims, but I'm going through battery at an alarming rate. I'm recharging as we speak, and I'll use the rest of the day like I would my old phone (no exploring features, etc.).

    I made sure google messaging is off, as well as wi-fi.

    I have a bluetooth headset paired, as well as pushing EAS and gmail. light e-mail day, so not much mail coming through btw.
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    I turned the screen all the way down. makes a big difference
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    i got home around 9am with my new pre...used it until the battery died around 1130 am, charged it until around 2pm and went to work...its dead now at 9pm, with a little playing around with it and a couple phone calls.

    how is everyones battery experience?
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    Also, how does it stack up against the iPhone? (Sorry I hate to use the comparison because that is the phone I currently use!)
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    I don't know, it's been charging all day for me. But whenever I do take it off, it seems to go down unusually fast. I just hope it doesn't stay that way.
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    So far it seems to be running down faster than my iPhone, tho its hard to compare apples and oranges due to configuration and hardware differences.
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    I'll need a good week to be able to really judge. Mine has been on and off the touchstone today so hard to tell. But mid day I did turn the screen brightness all the way down and it seems to have made a noticeable difference.
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    i noticed a little better after installing the update. I left a 3G area for a while and the battery went fast. I can see the pre being a twice a day charge under moderate use until some adjustments are made.
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    Same here. Left home at 6, with a 100 percent battery, to go have dinner, watched a 3 minute YouTube video using evdo, and made a 15 minute phone call and phone is down to 70 percent.
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    My battery definatly runs down way faster then on my iPhone or Blackberry Bold.
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    I got home and put it right on the touchstone. I have been playing with it off and on, used pandora while texting with wifi on, talked on the phone a bit and went on the web and my battery is down to 31 percent. A big improvement over the treo 800w
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    It sucks. Charged twice. On evdo all day I could go all day on my 700 w playong mp3s surfing and streaming radio. They better improve it, or sedio should come out with a big battery soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by one028 View Post
    i got home around 9am with my new pre...used it until the battery died around 1130 am, charged it until around 2pm and went to work...its dead now at 9pm, with a little playing around with it and a couple phone calls.

    how is everyones battery experience?
    Horrible. I think that the battery life is the biggest weakness with the Pre.
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    Horrendous. Much worst than my Iphone and I have GPS / Location services turned off, no wifi and no bluetooth.
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    Something to remember.. with any new phone, you tend to play/use it more than you would normally. After the "newness" passes, see how the battery is.
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    Battery Life is terrible. Won't keep a charge, I had it at 40% charge went out to my dads to just doo a simple demo, nothing fancy opening cards, little internet. 30 minutes later the damn thing said warning 10% left on the way home. Didn't even do any phone calls.

    No Wifi, No aim, only location services are on. Instinct got me through a good day and so with no problems. I would have hoped to at least get a day of simple use. Doesn't seem like thats possible.

    Its also much warm'r then id expect to be.

    Worse thing to boot, I did a GPS on it earlier today, before plugging it in and doing GPS, it was at 15%, after a 30min ride with GPS, it was at 13% unplugging it.

    It uses MORE juice then a USB charge can provide.
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