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    I used pullbangdead's technique and im excited to report that it works WONDERS. After I started it up the second time it was at 40% at about 1am this morning, at about 11:30am it finally died after playing 32 mp3's.

    A few days ago it would have died in 5-6 hours from a full charge. Now I am charging it for a few hours and I will report back tomorrow. But thanks for the mini tutorial.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xartist1 View Post
    Turn off auto roaming.
    How does one do that?
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    is anybody elses battery stating a percentage thats above 30 percent and den all of a sudden dropping to 0% in a few seconds and saying low battery,will shut down soon?? i ran battery monitor the graph showed a normal drain and den like a missle it just shot straight to zero!!! i dunno if its the phone defective problem or the battery
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    Best battery life tip for the Pre: buy yourself a new laptop, preferably an awesome one, like a MacBook Pro. Since I've been doing all my playing on my new laptop instead of my Pre, I've been getting like 2-2.7% drain per hour!

    It might also help that I got a new job where they won't let me connect to their Exchange server. Yep, that reduced my email load a good deal.
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    Here are my limited observations on battery usage in an EV coverage area:

    Standby: 0.8 percent per hour (no WiFi, no Location Services, no Bluetooth, no email checks)

    One network usage: 1 percent (phone call, email check) For a short phone call or download of a few short emails, the usage is about 1 percent. I would assume that a much longer call or download of a large number of emails would increase usage, but I have not yet tried to quantify that.
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    If battery life is an issue, don't get a Pre! Seems that the Pixi is a little better.
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    my thing dies so fast geezzzz
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