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    i've dropped it a couple of times now.. on street, in the bathroom.. the slider is a little loose, but is looks still nice and is working good
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    I dropped mine 25 feet down an elevator shaft to concrete.

    Not a scratch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strikerage View Post
    I dropped mine 25 feet down an elevator shaft to concrete.

    Not a scratch.
    That's very hard to believe, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbdoinit View Post
    That's very hard to believe, lol.
    Didn't say if it was in a protective case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbdoinit View Post
    That's very hard to believe, lol.
    Always the optimist dbd.

    Dropped mine a few times, only 2 drops have resulted in injury. In both injury cases I attempted to grab it right after slippage and just made it worse by somehow throwing it at the ground with the Pre landing on the bottom left corner. First time resulted in a cracked screen (small). The second resulted in a crack extending from the first crack (now a large crack). No reduction in touch area from what I can tell.
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    4' onto carpet. No damage.
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    I dropped mine down a cement staircase leaving my porch for Homecoming.
    However, my cheap-*** $4.00 case from Best Buy took the hit, and the phone was 100% untouched.
    Since then I've invested in a GRT case and I keep the phone strapped to my leg...
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    Ive dropped mine several times. Usually getting out of my truck when it is in my lap. Has some nicks around the edges.
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    Today i Seriously dented my Pre 2 when it fell from my pocket....
    Today sucked.
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    You probably did that on purpose, because you need a valid excuse to get the upcoming hardware.
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    but your right that i do have a valid excuse
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    Dropped it, since then no UMTS any more.. Thats why I bought a new one, since the German repair company (Avarto or something like..) didnīt repair it.
    Otherwise no harm to the Palm..
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    I've had been somewhat despondent since my Palm Pre tried to help my son with his bath on Monday. Honest I only drank about half the hydrometer sample, maybe 2oz, from the batch of Schwarzbier I bottled. Anyway, I immediately fished out the phone and pulled the battery and then found the hearing aid dryer(pouch with a puck full of desiccant beads) for my sons hearing aids and put the phone and touchstone back into the pouch and sealed it up.

    The next day I get a call from the wife and she says she thinks the phone is toast she had powered it up! I said take it back apart and put it back till Friday it hasn't had time enough so she did.

    Wednesday evening I took the puck of desiccant and baked it @350 for a half hour, let cool and returned it to the pouch. This is the manufactures instructions to "rejuvenate" the beads, basically drying them out to re-use.

    Today (Friday) I was prepared to buy a used Pre on Craigslist and my wife calls and says hey, your phone is working now Whoo-hoo!!

    Here is hoping everything is functional, when my wife sent her old samsung flip phone through the complete laundry cycle (on two separate occasions) the camera on the phone was dead but the phone still worked after drying in the hearing aid dryer.

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    It sounds like your family needs a lesson in the dangers of electronics lol! But congrats on fixing the phone! Hope it keeps working!

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    I've saved my phone twice and all it took was three days in a ziplock full of price chopper instant rice!!!
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    I've given my old Palm Treo 650 a few baths in my time. I've always had it come back 100% functional. Usually with a day in the sun (screen side facing away), rice, and blow drying for about an hour straight or so...
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    My Pre once took a bath with me, when the doctors made me seriously ill and I got dizzy. It spent some time in rice and completely recovered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    My Pre once took a bath with me
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