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    drop mine about 12 times in my house tiles,parking lot,office,my yard on the dirt,from the shopping cart,you name it!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LuluBee View Post
    My jerk coworker tried to scare me by pretending to drop it. No one is putting their hands on my Pre. So far no can't wait to get my InvisiShield
    One of my best friends asked to see it shortly after his gf showed us her broken Iphone. Normally I would have, but that sealed the deal on anyone handling my touchscreen. Just a day earlier my bro's wife broke the screen on her Iphone.

    If I did drop it I'd probably hit the ground before it did, and underneath it to soften the blow: A scratched elbow don't mean nothing when dealing with 200+ $.
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    I dropped it its all scratched up and now I'm feel anxious whenever I touch the phone
    No bigge tho I'll pay 150 to exchange
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    Dropped mine, broke my seido surface innocase, and it knicked the side twice. Kinda sucks. I did expect the case to not be very strong and/or stay on with impact.

    So now I got a new case from the sprint store. The case is litterly "on rails" to slide the phone up and down. Its even got a touchstone area on the back of the case. I haven't tested it on the touchstone yet. It definatly doesn't seem like its as close to the case as the innocase surface was. But we will see!
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    I dropped my pre about 3 times ..drunk nights haha but it still works perfect and the scratches are hella small. I lucked out
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    what's worse the dropping your phone?
    Seeing someone else drop it right in front of your eyes! lol happened to me but thank god it was in a cover and it walked away unscathed.
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    My good friend was messing around with my phones gps while I was driving and dropped it onto the floor. Didnt seem like a big deal since it was onto carpet but when I looked later, it had somehow put a quarter inch scratch right in the dead center of the damn screen. I'd take a dent anywhere over a scratch right in the middle of the screen!
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    I have dropped it twice in three days. I posted somewhere on here about the first one. My only problem is I am a dumbass for not having a screen shield yet, so when I dropped it in the IHOP parking lot the other night it bounced off the nice rubberized plastic case on it and flipped over onto the screen to leave 5 little scratches that break my heart. To try to improve things I dropped it last night in a coffee shop, thankfully that was just tile so it didn't scratch even if it did hit the screen first.
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    i have dropped it a couple of times because of a certain crappy clip that i had used, a little piece of plastic in the upper left hand corner towards the self image mirror came off, used a little bit of krazy glue and a toothpick, looks ok lol. Now i use the leather Palm side case, works great!
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    I've had my phone since launch day and as careful as I am, I have dropped mine a couple of times. No scratches, cracks or any other defect. I consider myself lucky and dread that cracked screen I see all over the net. All I use for protection is a screen cover. It was a pain in the @$$ to pull the phone out of my pocket, then out of the included case w/o ignoring the call.
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    I've dropped mine a few times not more than a foot or two. Always have had it in my hand, in the pouch it came with or resting on top of the case it came with. No scratches. Just put on a phantom skin and I can't even tell its there. Hopefully this will prevent my scratched screen pre nightmares.
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    dropped mine at work a few days ago, straight onto the concrete floor, bounced around and luckily for me not one scratch anywhere, finally installed my screen protector this weekend , didnt want to risk dropping it again without protection.
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    I dropped mine on the sidewalk a few weeks ago. The sides got scratched a little, but the screen is fine, and no other problems. I don't mind the battle scars - I'm not a screen protector sort of guy...
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    My so-called 'oreo' effect seems to be a touch worse after my two drops lately. It is not moving any further then it did before, but it moves easier. Kind of bugs me a little now. Two hard drops though, I blame myself.
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    I probably dropped mine a total of 4 times now, the last being a hard fall in the parking lot. It fell on the left lower corner, cover and battery flew off. Except for a little mark on the cover, nothing happened luckily. I'm not looking forward to dropping it again though. I really thought I broke it by the sound it made.
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    I dropped mine while it was in it's OEM pouch. I was trying to get my id badge from a pocket on the outside of my bag and my Pre was in there with it and I gabbed both and somehow dropped the Pre (couldn't have dropped the badge ). It landed on the sidewalk flat, but kinda slid about 2 feet. Thankfully it's just fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johsua View Post
    I dropped mine on the sidewalk a few weeks ago. The sides got scratched a little, but the screen is fine, and no other problems. I don't mind the battle scars - I'm not a screen protector sort of guy...
    Dropped mine the day after I got it onto an asphalt street. Wondering if there is any way to "buff" out the tiny pits before I put my invisible shield on?
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    well the first time i dropped my pre... it actually made the slider much tighter and snapped into place nice and firm..

    it recently fell from my center console in my car onto the floor and slid and hit the side... now i have a crack on the left side of the Pre!!! I'll live with it now.. maybee wait a few more months then maybe replace it. but i also now have 2 small scratches on the screen.. hopefully the length in time i take to replace it will have some updated hardware.. but my pre has been perfect so far. So i'm kinda scared.

    Next pre will get a body shield right away!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cringer View Post
    My so-called 'oreo' effect seems to be a touch worse after my two drops
    Same here after one drop. I dropped mine from about 4 feet onto a tile floor. I don't know if the Oreo effect is worse or if I just started looking for it after dropping the phone. No scratches or dings and the screen works so I feel lucky. That was day two of owning the phone and no drops since and a case is on the way.
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    I caught my headphone cord while I was running on a treadmill and it took a dive... right to the front of the belt where it proceeded to shoot off the back and into the wall

    Needless to say I just about pissed myself, but it still turns on and works fine. Though I do seem to notice a bit of that oreo-effect that never used to be there... ahh but cest la vie. Small price to pay for the horrible aftermath that could have been

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