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    I did a partial erase to correct another problem with my Palm profile.. when I restored, all of my custom bookmarks were toast!!

    So keep a list somewhere.
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    Good point on the partial erase, I didn't have any of my own yet.

    I went into the Sprint store today and the employee had accidentally deleted his bookmarks as well.

    Deleting an individual bookmark is not that easy, if you hold down the bookmark too long it doesn't present the delete button when you slide to the right, so you have to slide to the right as soon as you touch the bookmark (before it is selected.)
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    my bookmarks somehow deleted themselves. has this happened to anyone else?
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    Are there any cool ways to create nice looking bookmarks?
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    I deleted mine by accident as well. Anyone find a solution yet? The user created bookmarks look like crap. I also wish you could customize the bookmark page. It just doesn't look nice the way it is now.
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