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    I've made note of a few shortcomings in the Pre...

    - No search feature in Calendar.
    - No local desktop sync.
    (Perhaps with Chapura PocketMirror over WiFi, but not verified.)
    - WebOS is vulnerable to virus attack.
    - Does not sync Memos.
    - No voice recorder.
    - No visible [LED] alert.
    - No list view in Memo?

    Opinions and solution suggestions?
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    Did we really need another of these threads?
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    I haven't been able to figure out if I am in a 3G area or not - on my Curve, the EV would disappear or go in lower case, not sure about the Pre.

    Wish it came with a screen protector.

    Still playing, having some issues, trying to figure out everything - sure I will.

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