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    Ok, I just bought the Pre this morning. While I was using it, I noticed that the keyboard area was getting warm. When I plugged in the micro USB charger, the heat in that area got intensified. I restarted the phone a couple of times - same problem. So, I went back to the store to get it swapped with another Pre. I got home, the same problem again! Heat issue appears by the keyboard area (on the back and on the keyboard). I am not sure what is causing this, but it happens when there's an active data connection (i think???). Plus, it seems that this drains the battery to fast. Anyone else experience the same problem?
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    Yes, same here. I noticed that the Pre gets hot when charging. On the back and on the keyboard. Also notice that charging is slow. I am hoping that this might get fixed in the 1.0.2 update, or it's because it's the first time that the phone needs a charge.
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    good god, so many freakin problems being reported here

    I'm def going to be sitting on the sidelines for awhile.
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    these things generate some heat. Its normal. Happens to the iphone too.
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    I'm not overly concerned about the heat. My Treo Pro can put out quite a bit too.
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    It definitely get hot, way hotter thhan my Treo ever got. In fact I never noticed my treo even getting warm. But this thing is much smaller and lighter than the Treo. not much there in the ability to disipate the heat.

    time will tell all
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    It is warm, I will keep and see. It charges very quick (no touchstone). The battery did seem to drain quickly, but I was playing a lot.
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    thanks for the super quick feedback, everyone! Good to know that I am not the only one. I just downloaded the Web OS update but I can't install it until battery is at 30% (maybe that will fix it somewhat?). I just hope that the power for this phone lasts for a day!
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    I wouldn't get too concerned with the heat. Batteries normally get warm when they are discharged and recharged. If it gets really hot, then that's a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davetati View Post
    I'm not overly concerned about the heat. My Treo Pro can put out quite a bit too.
    Agree... long as the heat issues do not make the phone unstable... which we are not seeing.
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    all the time!!
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    My Pre gets pretty hot when charging...
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    damn its warm
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    The back got very warm when charging, the rest of the time no. But when charging, you could definitely feel the heat.
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    Ok well I love the phone. I think its great. However this phone over heats bad thus bad battery life. Left the house at 90 percent hour later down 55. I haven't even done much little browsing that's all, screen has the light lwakage and distortion that people are talking bout. Anyone else with battery problem
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    I hope the battery last all day
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    My battery didn't last long, but I was using heavily. I haven't noticed the distortion other people have reported.
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    I turned the screen brightness all the way down and it has made a noticeable difference in battery life
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    quite warm.... but will be nice on a cold winter day
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    FYI I don't think it is distortion... it is discoloration...

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