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    Below are some more details to my phone and coverage:

    I am not in a weak Sprint coverage area (the reason I mentioned the roaming was because I was inside a dead zone in a restaurant for half an hour)

    Bluetooth is OFF
    Wifi is OFF
    GPS is ON
    I reset the phone via the Reset Options and that did not have an effect

    I have the updated Web OS 1.0.2

    I will remove the battery and turn off the GPS to see if that affects it

    Lastly, I am not saying that ALL the Pres are defective neither that some heat is NOT NORMAL.

    What is in NOT NORMAL is that my phone died in 4 hours with almost no usage. I did not spend $300+ for something that I need to plug in every 4 hours or so. If that's what I wanted, I'd buy a netbook!
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    Take it back bud. Have them swap it out for you.
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    yep sounds like you should exchange it (unfortunately again)
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    No warmer than my Iphone got.
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    Yes, sounds like I must. I just don't know if they will have any more Pres left..have to wait and see.

    Again, thanks for all the support and replies - it's always good being able to share my concerns in this forum.
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    Phone is warm all the time, very disapointed in the battery life. Its terrible at this phone. This basic things are going to kill the phones enjoyment.
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    Yeah, I especially noticed it getting hot as the phone is being charged...
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    Returned my second Pre to the Sprint store yesterday - no more in stock (just like I expected) I couldn't get a THIRD replacement. Got my refund and switched back to my Treo 800w. Now, I am paying like $40 more because there original plan that I signed up for is not available

    Thanks for PALM and SPRINT for this mess! This whole experience just left me with bad taste in my mouth. I am now having thoughts about getting an iPhone, something that I never truly considered in the past
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