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    I see the little button on the bottom that seems to release the back door a few millimeters, but it is still securely attached up top.

    I'm obviously missing something. Can someone help me out?
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    press the button and then SLOWLY and delicately stick and slide the edge of your fingernail all along the groove between cover and phone separating them apart.
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    Saw this on Dieter's video yesterday. Press the button and use a fingernail to pry the cover up on both sides.
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    I just posted a similar thread this morning that has tips in it.
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    There are sort of 3 steps to remove the door. The hard part is getting the side latches to dis-engage.

    1. push bottom button/release to open up the battery door slightly
    2. slide a fingernail (or card) up one side of the phone under the door opening; at about halfway you'll hear a "click" of the latch releasing.
    3. do the same on the other side.

    I had to go to Palm's site for this. It was scary at first because the click sounds like you broke something. But I assure you, its safe. I've had to pull my battery twice already due to crashes.
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    Yeah my phone isn't crashing but it's just going nuts instead.

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