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    I currenly have a palm 800W and would like to get the PRE BUT dont want to lose my apps.. Can someone answer these questions:

    1. POCKET TWITTER - is there a PRE VERSION?

    2. XM RADIO - I have a nice FREE app on my 800W for this. Can we do it on PRE?

    3. EXCHANGE SERVER - cn we sync with exchange just like we can on the 800W? it syncs everything - contacts, appointments, mail etc

    4. FACEBOOK - I have a nice facebook app on my 800w. what about the PRE?

    5. SHAZAM - I found this for the 800W .. can we get this on the PRE?

    6. AVANTGo - a version for the PRE? or something else?

    7. PALRINGO - great app to chat with AIM, FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, TWITTER, ETC. is there on for the PRE?

    8. WUNDERRADIO - is there something for the pre?

    9. YOUTUBE - something for the PRE?

    10. PDF Viewer - I have a nice freeware PDF viewer for the 800W - what about the PRE

    11. MICROSOFT OFFICE - does the PRE come with office mobile like the 800W does?

    12. SPrint radio & TV - is this the same applications as what JUST came out on the 800W?

    I know this phone just came out but I wonder whats available... I hate to get a new phone and NOT have any applications to use....

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    1. Check out Tweed in the App Catalog.
    2. Would love to see an XM app too!
    4. No Facebook app that I know of, but the site works great on the browser.
    9. Yes there is a Youtube app already on the phone.

    Not sure for the rest of your questions.
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    Also I have been using POCKET INFORMANT .. is there anything like this for the PRE?

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