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    I went to purchase the phone today, got in line early and everything. Much to my dismay, I find that because I don't quality for the 2 yr $150 upgrade, I don't qualify for the $100 instant rebate or the $100 mail in rebate either. I've had my existing phone for 1 and 1/2 years, so all I get is $75 off.

    That means I have to pay $475 for the phone before taxes and fees!

    I knew I wouldn't get the full $150 off, but this is ridiculous.
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    Yes, it's been said before. $100 rebate for customers that are getting the $150 off, and new customers
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    Duno what store you went to but i got my 100 mir (rep showed me the computer screen with pricing and rebates) should be arriving in about 6 weeks or so ... was a 1yr upgrade person as well .....

    PS-phone was like 516 after taxes ... but gf paid 180, and i had 100 cash, so i paid overall 260ish and than when i get the 100mir $160 not bad ...
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    It's not even $150, it's more like $250. Mostly, You get off whatever the "instant savings" are for that particular phone. The least it could be is $150, Most is.. well, whatever it is.
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    I thought I would at least get the mail in rebate.

    My understanding of the breakdown was:

    $549 - Phone price
    -$150 - 2yr discount
    -$100 - MIR
    -$100 - Mail-in Rebate

    $199 - Price of the phone.

    If you're only 1 yr eligible, the price is:
    $475. Total price I guess I'll have to wait.

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