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    I dont know about those who said it feels cheap. This phone feels solid to me. The keyboard is NOT flimsy at all and the phone has a heavy feel to it.
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    Does not feel cheap at all. It is the best feeling device in the Palm of your hand, Palm did an amazing job with the feel.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Agreed...I am very impressed with the hardware, keyboard, screen...I am glad people lowered my expectations ahead of time so that I am actually elated as to the quality of this device! Coming from a Centro, this keyboard is so much nicer!
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    I definitely agree. However, there is a lot of play in the keyboard laterally. Have you guys noticed this at all? Even with the keyboard closed it still wiggles left and right far too easily. Maybe it's just mine?
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    hmmmm...sounds like it might just be yours. I don't have that issue at all with the keyboard. Mine is rock solid.

    I did almost break the micro-USB door's not flush against my device anymore since I was trying my best to open the damn thing. Not happy with that part of the hardware, but other than that, no other complaints so far.
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    My device feels solid. They keypad does seem a little hokey, but other than that I could not be more thrilled.
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    the device feels solid, but I def think it feels a little plastic compared to the iphone. I love the pre, dont get wrong. Its just apple really made the iphone gorgeous with the glass and whatever else they use
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    I love the feel of it, but have to agree about the microUSB door.

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