Just got my Pre!!! Thing is dam near flawless, I love it! Haven't played with it much but just added accuweather, and pandora!

Woke up at 715am got there by 730am and there was one car waiting with a gentlman who only heard about the Pre yesterday... The store had a total of 9 Pres in stock .. i think by the time i left 4 were spoken for by 10am or so ...

3rd Party store for the Win!!! The rep was amazing as well going over everything so i would be all set ... Charging her as we speak! All my contacts were synced effortlessly through google contacts as well! Kinda weird though how emails are also spread around in the contacts menu as single entries ..

Also Corp store down the street literally which i drove by with my newly activated pre at 10am had no activity as well ... oh well ... on to enjoying the rest of my day, now if the pre will just charge fast enough!