I just got my Palm Pre this morning
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I also got a great product for Palm Pre owners

Introducing Ringtone Expressions, the World's first and most amazing Custom Ringtone Maker for the Palm Pre

-Create unlimited number of ringtones
-Select the portion(s) of songs you want to use as ringtone
-Create ringtones quickly with Drag and Drop or right click menu
-Send ringtones to your Pre directly over USB
-Create ringtones from any .MP3 music file in your library
-Create ringtones from songs Purchased on the iTune store( iTunes Plus only)
-Express your ringtones to Friends on Facebook and Twitter Twitter / TheAfricanNerd: Created Ringtone Swagga Li ...
-Discover cool new ringtones from your Facebook friends who use Ringtone Expressions
-Ringtone recommendations via our newsletter and community guide Ringtone Expressions - Special Ringtones for Special People
-Reuse ringtones on future Palm phones

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