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    I'm really pleased with the construction quality, specially for the final price of $200 (and I don't mean to say that the iPhone, IMO, feels any better constructed, glass face and all). With the amount of moving parts (slider, battery cover), it feels really, really solid.

    I'm also very happy that the screen is nowhere the fingerprint magnet that my 755p's screen is or the iPhone. I hope the Invisible Shield is cut to exact details, otherwise it can kill the feel of the phone.

    It totally blew my mind in all terms and although the Touchstone could be a bit cheaper (I got 20% at the store, with 2 accessories purchase), it also feels an integral part of the phone; viewing the notifications while it stays in the base is really neat!
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    It's not a $200 phone...
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    Well, as a media player, the Pre is ok, but the iPhone does sound a lot better, from a semi audiophile point of view anyway. Plus I don't like how if you fast forward or rewind in a song, there's no timeline to show you how far in the song you've gone. Am I doing this wrong?

    Nevermind, I figured it out.

    Don't get me wrong, if you don't have high end headphones, you probably wouldn't notice any difference necessarily. If you do, you might notice a bit of lack of depth in the midrange and vocals of the Pre. Again probably nitpicking to the masses, important to me though.

    Advantage iPhone? If you're a true music afficionado and it's you go to portable audio device.

    The email seems solid (gmail anyway). I was notified only a few seconds after notification from the BB. If this were spread over all email, and the apps selection somewhat rivaled those of Apple or BB, the Pre would be a definite winner of the three. If the aforementioned mean anything to you, you need to do some homework.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214 View Post
    Northside is funny. Apparently he claims to be able to clairvoyantly see from miles away whether or not people buy or don't buy the pre.

    Loony bin I say.
    Post a pic. The Pre has everything you need to do it, so prove it.
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    Seems to me that a lot of people are complaining. Could it be they couldn't get the Pre, could not afford the Pre, or want an iphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214 View Post
    The story was NOT made up. Again, you are talking BS. Were you there? Do you know for a FACT whether or not I bought the pre today? Can you tell me with 100 % certainty that I don't have one in my hand right now?

    Blowhards are amusing.
    Pics or a twitter post from Tweed or it didnt happen!


    After all, this is the interwebs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dp135 View Post
    Haha...I was terrified when that thing finally opened and I thought I had broken it! I was sitting there saying...Ok I see that touchstone things rationale now, it's to prevent a stroke! ;=)

    This is my very first smartphone and so far I really find it very easy to use. I cannot say that about all the others I have tried.

    I did not even expect to get it today. I figured I'd never get one as I refused to go early etc but I though eh well maybe I'll check it out.

    Called my corp store in Westbury NY today and asked if I came over would I still be able to get one and this was after 1000 and they said yes and it was true. The process was very orderly and the only hold up was me not having my Verizon acct # but they had a computer there and I quickly was able to grab that online vs. calling cust support.

    It feels so nice in hand and I was able to type in all the info I needed without trouble under pressure of sales rep waiting so I know it will be fine. I cannot even begin to tell you the horror I experienced with many other keyboards.

    I am not getting a signal in my basement although Wi-Fi is fine and this is a perfect example of why I wanted Wi-Fi on a cellphone. I'll have to play with the coverage thing a bit more to know if I am having a problem.

    Just love it so far on all levels.
    If you're having coverage problems at home, call Sprint in a week or two and see if they'll give you an Airave. They might even waive the monthly fee. Hook it up to your internet connection, and it should solve your reception issues.
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    Definitely doesn't feel cheap IMHO....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ya Boi D View Post
    Definitely doesn't feel cheap IMHO....
    I second that! My Centro felt cheap (and it was). Creaked and plasticy. The Pre feels a bit more expensive but it is not like any of the big solid phones like the iPhone, HTC know big phones (I mean this in the way that is it heavier and "metaly"). I can't believe I am saying this, but I think the Instink is a good benchmark for build quality, it feels very sturdy. Too bad it sucks .
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
    If you have an iTouch click me.
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