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    I have a 1.0.1 device, can anyone update to 1.0.2? I get an error "unable to connect"
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    Updated without problems...
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    Me too. Took a while, but all went smoothly.
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    Battery is too low for me to update right now lol :
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    Mine updated ...
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    downloaded on wifi. Installing now. Suggest setting to wifi to download if you have wifi access...
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    Mine updated as well. Did take longer than I thought though.
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    Yep, installed no problem for me as well. This device is AWESOME!
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    Updating now seems to be going okay. I did it over the Sprint Network, was kinda curious how fast it would go, all things consider less than 20 minutes not bad for a almost 70MB file on a cell broadband network.
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    I think my battery was too low to update.
  11. cme
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    Just updated mines.....dont know what it does yet.
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    Mine updated just fine. As others stated, I downloaded the update over Wifi and the update took a few minutes. The phone was never slow but it seems even faster after 1.0.2.
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    updating now!
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    Does anyone know what is in the update?
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    I believe it will ONLY update if you are connected to WIFI
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    I updated when I got home, and it took longer than I thought. I have the Airave, which only allows 1x data. So, if you have one turn on WIFI before updating. Worked fine, excited to play now.
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    Still getting unable to connect

    Any help??
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    Updated with out fail over evdo
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    I downloaded the update but it refuses to update unless I have 30% battery even if it's being charged by wire, so I have to wait and see.
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    I dunno but I think I had 1.0.2 OTB. I didn't try updating nor do I remember a dialog box telling me it's updating or it updated.
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