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    Well, its the big day.. . (Pre Lanch day and for me - my birth day too :P)
    Since I live in Israel I gotta wait for it to come with a GSM version and to watch you guys with it lol
    How does it feel, does it really feel great in the hand?
    Runs fast? what your first impression?

    Have fun!
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    feels cheap to me.
    the speakerphone is tinny and cheap sounding
    the keyboard feels really plasticy
    the top of the keyboard is too close the bottom of the screen
    the edges of the keyboard are raised to high
    it is very thin, shiny plastic everywhere
    i do not like the build quality AT ALL.. coming from a Nokia E71, and an iPhone
    this is a VERY cheap build
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    I love it, I was worried about the keyboard, but it is not too small for my hands
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    Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good ...
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    Doesn't feel "cheap" to me at all. Feels very solid, nice in your hand.
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    doesn't feel cheap to me either. I like the build quality. even tho its plastic everything seems to be in place and fits perfectly. ( except for the microusb cover, Its hard to put it back on place.) I can see it coming off real soon.
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    Happy bday.

    I like it alot so far. Definitely due for some updates for some of the options but at the same time it is very usable. Build quality isn't quite like my blackberry but it feels pretty solid. Using it is more fun than my blackberry.
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    I am actually impressed with the sound quality. FAR, far better than my 755p.
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    It feels absolutely wonderful in its closed configuration to me. Smooth like a polished stone just like they oft described it. But open, despite my wanting seriously to ignore it, the plastic edges are very sharp against the skin.
    I'm used to a smooth type phone and it undeniably there.

    Why they could not have softened that my rolling the edge a wee bit so it was in keeping with the closed feel mystifies me. I am trying to remain optimistic as the phone has so many nice features.
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    Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good ...
    Best show on TV.
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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