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    I can't for the life of me get my Hotmail to work. I have tried all the port settings, ssl, etc. Please help lol
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    i cant get my full yahoo mail inbox to show up
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    I set up a GMail account specifically for the Pre and Sprint. Then I added my .Mac account and that went through in a snap. I designated my .Mac account as my default address. Both are instant push since both support IMAP IDLE. My GMail contacts came through about a minute after I activated and took almost no time to download. 240 contacts total. Not bad.

    I can't wipe this big dumb grin off my face.
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    I have my Gmail set up just fine. That works BUT, I wish my damn Hotmail would work on here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chessh2036 View Post
    i cant get my full yahoo mail inbox to show up
    Click on Email in the upper left hand corner.

    Accounts & Preferences

    Select the account.

    Change how far back you want to sync.

    You're probably on syncing a week or two. Select All.

    No more problem.
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