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    So I called my wife as my first phone call after leaving the store, and she said I sounded a little distorted and muffled. I attributed it to just holding the phone too close to my face and have yet to try again.

    On the drive to work, I also noticed how my signal strength was rather weak to be honest, compared to my old Treo 700p. The "EV" signal kept fluttering in and out. I live in NYC (Manhattan) and figure we have some of the best coverage here.

    So I wanted to start a thread to hearing other opinions on the basics of this phone that are so often not mentioned because everyone is enamored with the other stuff that it does. How are you finding it works AS A PHONE.....
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    Mine are fine so far, speeds are great with the internet. Ive made a few calls and on speaker phone
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    Calls in my apartment in Chicago that used to cut out in certain dead zones (i.e. corner of my kitchen and near my bedroom closet) are showing 4 bars. So far, so good.

    The ultimate test will be driving to northern Indiana today and calling from a more rural area. I'll keep you posted...

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