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    I agree. You should distinguish between manufacturing flaws and design errors.
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    Hello everyone here is my first post JEjejejej. I just have a simliar light leakeage issue, Is not as big as the picture from another poster but its there. It does not bother me much. at least not yet
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    So far so good, I have only 2 dead pixels. I have to wait until they get more, all sold out in the hampton roads area of vriginia.

    Had a contacts problem but figured it out
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    When web browsing in wide screen mode, if you click on a picture or link that opens up into another card, the new card opens the other way. You have to turn the screen back upright, and then back to wide view for it to flip. Seems like if you are already browsing in wide, new cards would open the same way.
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    When the pre screen is off and a call comes in it only allows you to answer the call by swiping up it does not give you the option to ignore the call or ignore with a text. You can however just tap the volume button and it mutes the ringer. When the screen is on and a phone call comes in it does give you an ignore button. Is there a way to allow it to ignore or ignore with a text when the screen is off?
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    Oops, thanks... meant make it a sticky
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    Light leakage for me. It is on the middle right edge of the screen right next to the charger / USB port. Not too bad but I'll be exchanging once availability improves. Does anyone know if there is a minimum amount of light leakage required to be eligible for a return? Thanks for starting up this thread!
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    Do we have a thread for annoyances? Mine is not having any bugs like some here are seeing but there are some minor things that are annoying me about the pre.

    1. the whole lock system
    2. the sprint nav app... its very cool but really should integrate into your contacts list like google does.
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    I keep getting random errors in the PDF viewer program. Some PDF's it handles fine, others give me an "!!!ERROR!!!"

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    Anyone having issues logging into forums? This is the only one I can get into. Others log in and boot you out.
    I think the AIM contacts going into your contact list and not being able to delete them is kinda annoying
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    1st Pre - Light leakage all along the bottom, didn't have all the sounds working, dead pixels, 2 crashes, sluggish, battery life was bad.

    2nd Pre - Light Leakage along the bottom, so far 1 crash, battery life is bad
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    Quote Originally Posted by nitty917 View Post
    I think the AIM contacts going into your contact list and not being able to delete them is kinda annoying
    Well that one really IS a feature... LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by gksmithlcw View Post
    Well that one really IS a feature... LOL
    If you create the nicknames for your AIM contacts you dont run into that problem
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    i just saw an interesting one. the smilies from this forum got confused with the pictures on the palm site when i moved from here to there. it took a reset to revert back to normal. corrupt css or image cache maybe? tried clearing the cache before i reset and that didn't do the trick.
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    Please keep this thread to bugs only. Missing features are not bugs.
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    <merged and pinned>
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    I am not able to use symbols in text entry fields on the browser. Hit the Symbol button, select the symbol, nothing happens.
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    I've been having some issues with my work imap email. At first I couldn't get it to sync. I restarted the phone, and it synced fine, but then it wouldn't send any emails, so I deleted the account and tried to re-install it... it wouldn't work, says it cant connect. Not sure what the deal is.... My ipod touch isn't haven't any problems, so I don't think its on the server side....
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    Pre's implementation of MS ActiveSync is broken. The EAS security features, such as commonly used device pin lock and device wipe are absent. Without these basic EAS security features lots of Pre's enterprise users will be cut off from their work email. It was a show stopper for me as I had to return the Pre right after the purchase
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