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    I've copied a bunch of photos to my Pre over USB so I can attach them to various entries in Contacts. I go to edit an entry, tap the little picture icon, choose the folder I copied them into, select the photo, adjust it as needed and tap Attach. The photo shows up fine, but once I tap Done the photo disappears. I go back into Edit, and it's gone from there too. Repeated attempts to reattach the file don't seem to help, and I've tried fiddling with different image sizes just in case to no avail.
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    well unfortunately i found to bugs
    1 dead pixel
    2 and a yellow tent on the bottom right of the phone
    so where do i go from here i doubt my sprint store will swap it out they'll say something like its not affecting the devices functionality but its really bugging me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syphon View Post
    When you write and email & save a draft, then click "Email > Cancel" it will not delete the draft.
    Becasue you already SAVE the draft. Cancel means that you want to stop current writing, so it only throw the card away. I don't think it's a bug.
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    Why is there no "Search" function in the email application??
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    Quote Originally Posted by dohcrx View Post
    For me whenever I unlock the phone it shows the larger notification (in this case a bell picture on the left with a [2] then the alarm name and time on the right)

    I cannot seem to drag it off the screen and when I go somewhere else the small alarm notification remains in the lower right corner.

    Am I missing something here?
    The large alarm notification really can be dragged off the side, I promise.
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    ^ Wow, it took some determination. It was only allowing me to move it up or down. With some persistence I was able to drag it to the right.

    Basically you have to hold your finger over the large alarm notification until it highlights, remove your finger and then press down and slide it off (i slid right).

    Thank you jhoff80, that was really bugging me!
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    I have my calendars sync via Google Calendar and in month view it fills the days that events but if i go to week or day view they are completely blank.

    Also the weekdays clock alarm went off on sunday too bug is happening to me too.
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    Also I have 1 single dead pixel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttremblay View Post
    Hold the Orange key with your left thumb and with your right thumb on the screen (anywhere) scroll left and right. This will move the cursor character by character; its very accurate.
    Good to know thanks for the tip.
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    O.k. folk, I think I'm fairly caught up now. It is difficult to keep up with everything, so if you have a Pre, I have a request of you: If you see any bugs, whether on the list or in the posts, try to duplicate them. If they are in the list but you cannot duplicate them, let us know. Also, if they are in the posts but not in the listing and you can duplicate them, let me know. It is hard for me to differentiate between bugs, isolated incidents, and user error (since people are not familiar with the phone yet).
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    Just another one to throw in the list... Facebook contact syncing... Multiple users are reporting that even if synergy pulls all of the contacts you have on facebook (which, totally sucks), it doesn't always pull all the pictures. Out of my moderate 400 or so friends on facebook, I've probably got a solid 40-50 that have profile pictures set, yet the pictures didn't download to the Pre D;
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    Some of the things here are fixed in the 1.0.2 update. Make sure you update to the latest patch. If you are updated what are the 6,7,8th digits of your S/N?
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    Since there is no podcaster yet for the pre, I go to the various sites, bookmark them, and say to download podcast I want to listen to. This works pretty well for streaming podcast. However, Once you do this it will not allow you to open other applications, saying that there is a memory problem. I was listening to podcast and wanted to open gps program. It, and everything else would not work.

    Then I opened navigation first, then started streaming. They both worked fine. Therefore, whatever else you want to open has to be done prior to streaming. This is obviously some sort of bug since multiple programs and streaming can work, as long as streaming not opened first.
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    so, I just experienced the first catastrophic bug.

    when the phone's battery died, the phone completely freezes, and requires removal of the battery, after charging it for a bit.

    This is completely unacceptable, as batteries die all the time. a phone should NOT freeze if the battery dies.

    I am going to give palm a call tomorrow. I would like to inform them that if this bug is not fixed within the next few days, I will be returning all 3 pre's that I purchased.

    I have created a wiki for the pre. there is a buglist page there. please add, edit, and organize bugs as they are discovered
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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneRyno View Post
    I'm not sure how to reproduce due to inconsistency but when going from portrait to landscape (upright to sideways or whatever you call rotating the pre) sometimes the browser (maybe other apps too) doesn't rotate and it will take many many times turning before it finally does rotate the browser. Definitely isn't snappy quick like seen in the demo videos.
    I've found that tilting the Pre upright (top pointing to the sky) allows consistent rotation.

    Moving the 'I' thing for text entry by touching the screen isn't very accurate and I find it difficult to get it in the spot I need it to be to edit text. Is it user error or does the software need to be improved to help it recognize where I'm trying to put it. It is especially difficult at the edge of the screen or edge of the text entry box.
    Hold down the Orange/Symbol key, while you swipe left or right.
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    Synching a Hotmail account can send the Pre into an endless series of synch's, causing it to get hot and drain the battery very quickly.

    You can't copy text from a webpage. This is a big miss. Often it would be nice to copy a web address or phone number and paste it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dohcrx View Post
    RT9 (May 29 '09)
    Adding a gmail account resulted in the import of every email sender or recipient I've ever communicated with into my contacts (ended up deleting gmail from my accounts in contacts)
    I had the same problem, until I cleaned out the "All Contacts" section of Contacts in Gmail. Gmail disabled the "add anyone you've ever emailed 'feature'" in late 2008, so you should be good after cleaning it out.

    I must say, as someone who regularly uses Gmail, the Gmail-sync is fantastic (albeit after you can't assign Gmail contacts group).
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    Quote Originally Posted by examancer View Post
    PNG images do not appear to work with the photo app and cannot be used for backgrounds. They are recognized by other apps like the email app, which gives you the option to save a PNG image to your photos but it doesn't work.
    I have the same issue with GIF images. I guess the developers "forgot" to add those extensions in the app...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Disaster View Post
    Synching a Hotmail account can send the Pre into an endless series of synch's, causing it to get hot and drain the battery very quickly.
    I'm syncing hotmail, and I don't have any problems. I've set it up since Saturday..
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    Quote Originally Posted by talon0226 View Post
    If you turn off the backup data, then do at least a partial reset so the current data is wiped off the device, the palm profile will be wiped when you sign back into your registered account with palm.

    Do any of the following:
     Back up your information manually: Tap Back up now.
     Turn off automatic backup and delete backed-up information: Tap On to switch
    backup from On to Off. (Tap Turn Off And Erase Data. This deletes all your
    information on the server. It does not affect the information on your phone.)
    page 179 in the manual btw.
    Where did you get this magical manual?

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