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    Quote Originally Posted by Somerfeld View Post
    2) Editing & deleting preloaded browser bookmark issues,. removing a preloaded bookmarks is not allowed. You have to edit it and place a new title and url with a new thumb picture. However the thumb picture even though it does take it in the edit field, the main web bookmark page shows the original thumb that was preloaded with the bookmark. Example,. edit espn

    Go into Web, drop down menu, bookmarks, swipe from left to right or visa versa.

    I deleted all of them.
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    Anyone else notice that the battery icon when charging has the little lightning bolt.... (I have touchstone)

    but when It reaches its 100% mark, it still says its charging...

    Maybe a problem, maybe not... just throwing that out there...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loogie View Post
    I spent over 2 hours on the phone with Palm today regarding a calendar issue. I got handed off to the tech support muckety-mucks. I sent them a slew of screen shots to help recreate the problem. The problem I'm having - and I've recreadted it on all three of our Pre's - is that when there is an overlapping event (i.e. two events scheduled at the same time) they show up properly on the weekly view, but on the daily view you might get one or none and the view is grayed out except for a light band at the bottom of the screen.

    This happens with two events in the same account of with two events on different Google calendars.

    When it's greyed out like this you are also unable to navigate to previous and next days by side swiping on the screen.

    Now, during this conversation I asked them about removing the battery. The technician said to avoid removing the battery if at all possible. If you need to reset your phone because it crashed, use the keyboard combination. It's Orange, SYM, R at the same time.

    For those of you who already know, it's Orange, SYM, P to take a screen shot. It will save PNG and a JPG each time and they are stored in the Screenshots folder which you'll find in USB mode. You can also view them in the picture viewer.

    I have the EXACT same issue. actually, I can make it haappen with just ONE event on a day...especially when that event is an "all day" event..and it is without a doubt, the BIGGEST showstopper for me on this phone. At the very least, when I look at the day view of my calendar, I need the dang events to show up.

    IIIx -> Tungsten T -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700p -> Launch day Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by preGirl View Post
    Does anyone know if you can change the notification for text messages? Currently, it is just a slight noise that is sort of low. My Centro's text messaging notification was much better.

    Quote Originally Posted by noto220 View Post
    Yeah the vibrate is weak, and notifications are lame
    Yeah the vibrate is so weak I can't feel it on my belt or in my pocket... Is there a possible work around coming up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankos72 View Post
    I was browsing a few local news stations looking for a good online radar that would work on the Pre's browser.
    have you tried the accuweather app?
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    I noticed in the accuweather app that when you switch from Day to Night it still says Today: BLAH BLAH BLAH instead of Today: and Tonight:

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    Not sure if this one is posted or not. When you are in a sms conversation you still receive a notification for each message you get. It may not be fixable but it seems like if you have the conversation already up as the active app, notifications should turn off for that contact. It's a small annoyance.
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    With wiFi on went to App store and device reset with message that I wasnt logged into Palm profile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nojok3 View Post
    I should be able to erase my Palm profile.

    I understand I made the mistake but it shouldn't be something that can't be fixed. User error should ALWAYS be fixable...
    If you turn off the backup data, then do at least a partial reset so the current data is wiped off the device, the palm profile will be wiped when you sign back into your registered account with palm.

    Do any of the following:
     Back up your information manually: Tap Back up now.
     Turn off automatic backup and delete backed-up information: Tap On to switch
    backup from On to Off. (Tap Turn Off And Erase Data. This deletes all your
    information on the server. It does not affect the information on your phone.)
    page 179 in the manual btw.
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    I had a training class in a Sprint store after hours. A Palm rep was there, Liz. Very nice lady, but I'm thinking she's relatively new. A bunch of my questions prompted her to call tech support.
    I apologize if these were already posted. I did not read all 248 posts.

    Email & text audible notification are both on, or both off. Audible signal is the same for both, and it can not be changed.

    There is no setting when taking pictures to pause before saving. To view the picture you just took, you have to go into the gallery.

    You can not delete core applications. I have absolutey no interest in Nascar.

    A funny thing... Anthony Anderson walked into the store (the funny black computer hacker in Transformers IMDb Search ), wanting to cancel his account.

    He made sure everyone in the store could hear him, and recognized him. He's an attention *****, and a bit of a jerk. When the store manager explained they were closed for regular business, he started with the smart *** comments.

    A customer asked if he could take a picture with him on his new phone, Anderson said "that's not included in your plan".
    Anthony, if you're reading this, I'm the guy with the Urlacher jersey, that you said I looked like I had lots of questions, implying I was dumb.

    You're just pissed cuz you didn't get to be in the next Transformers movie.
    Get over yourself.
    I find it sad/odd that people ask to be thanked. How genuine is it when you have to ask? It's like forcing your kid to call Grandma, to thank her for the new underwear she sent for their birthday.

    "To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kind of scary. I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad.
    -Jack Handy, SNL-

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    My phone will go dim sometimes come back to full brightness while I am browsing the web.

    My alarm went off this morning during a final exam so I toggled the sound switch on top with it still in my bag, and then the snooze alarm would ring every 5 minutes or so even though the switch was sent to silent

    Text messaging application:
    If I start typing in an e-mail address in the TO field, it will not auto-search/complete for that email address even if I have sent to that address before

    I send an email through the text messaging application, when I receive a reply back it is from a five-digit number and not the email address I sent it to, and therefore does not show up in the thread

    I cannot edit the contact info for a person if I click on their name through the text messaging app -- it brings up all their info, but no edit button

    The text messaging thread does not say which phone # or email address addresses a person is responding from if they are conversing through SMS
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    OMG I just set the alarm to move my car for parking regs outside of a hospital and the alarm went off full blast with the ringer set to off. In the middle of intensive care unit, need to fix this. I was just expecting to vibrate like crazy cause ringer was set to off.
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    in case it was not mentioned here before:
    <IMG WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="50" SRC=> (ex)VisorCentral Discussion Moderator
    Do files get embarrassed when they get unzipped?
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    Geez, after reading through this thread I'm very glad I decided to wait. I hope Palm gets all these issues fixed, but until they do I'll be keeping my Treo. As flawed as it is, it's seems well ahead of the Pre in features and capabilities. I'd like multi-tasking, and a better browser, but not at the price of giving up all the capabilities my 755p has.
    Yup, my store has my pre waiting, but after reading this...I think I'm going to call them and tell them never mind.
    Sprint Pre User Who LOVED his Pre but left for a more supported phone (EVO Shift)...maybe one day Sprint & HP will see the light and bring us a great 4g capable Pre replacement!
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    Quote Originally Posted by fourply View Post
    have you tried the accuweather app?
    Yes, I live in Oklahoma so when the storms are really brewing I need something with a bit more detail/zoom than the map in there. I need to know which direction the storm is moving and how close it really is to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankos72 View Post
    I'm experiencing network problems tonight.<snip> Anyway, I've always had a weak signal in my house but now I'm getting NO evdo. It did work earlier today and yesterday though.
    Duh on my part. I've always turned off roaming and it was still on. Since there is an ATT tower just 1/4 mile from my house it had gone to roaming. If I turn off roaming I get a very weak signal in my house but at lease I get 1x for the network.

    Quote Originally Posted by frankos72 View Post
    Also, I can't seem to get my wifi to work now.
    Well turns out I had another laptop that couldn't get on the wifi last night either. I turned the router off and back on this morning and all seemed fine. After leaving my wife called and it seems even the wired computers have no internet now. Could be the router or the cable modem but probably isn't a problem with my PRE.

    So looks like the only real problem I have so far is the shut itself off when you let it close hard or tap it problem. At least I can work around that until they find a solution.

    BTW, I called sprint about the shutting off problem today and he said they had no know issues for the Pre yet. I know it's the 1st business day since we all got our phones, but PLEASE if you have a repeatable problem take it into your nearest store and show them, even if you don't want to let them take it for repairs. This way the "official" solutions can be found and shared with all other sprint stores ASAP.
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    So, I've figured out that I can't transfer files via bluetooth. Fine.

    Now, I've figured out that I can't just choose to save a file attached to an email.

    Specifically, I'm trying to send versamail.prc via gmail to the pre. All the pre seems to let me do is click on it. When I do, it tells me there is no application for this program and won't let me download (even though I have classic installed)

    I'm trying to work around my EAS issue until IT can send me the certificate.

    Evidently, the only way to get those prc files over is to physically sync. Natch, I don't have the cable with me at work.

    Am I missing something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MicahDG View Post
    Here's a pic of the light leakage/distortion at the bottom of my screen...

    My wife's Pre is perfect, no complaints on hers yet (sad for me, good for her! )
    Where are they Made?? China?
    Any other manufacturing sources?
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    Not sure if this is a bug, but when I get notifications (i.e. a new email) and I am doing something else on the phone, if I don't attend to it - it does what it's supposed to do at first, which is shrink down to a little icon in the gesture area.

    If I turn off my phone (still without addressing the email or msg) and turn it back on, it will still show missed mail notification, but after I unlock the screen, the notification disappears even tho I have yet to click on it. One of my open cards is email, but I make sure I do not go to that card so I can test if the notification will stay there, which it does not.

    Is anyone else having this issue?
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    I'm not sure that this is a bug but I think it should be added anyway. The Pre needs more fine volume control especially for media, especially at the low end of the spectrum. The jump between no audio, and one press up from that is quite large.

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