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    Quote Originally Posted by godschoice View Post
    The Bug will not allow an IP address to be used when setting up an EAS email account. If the value in the server field does not have a .com or all numbers you can not save the account settings.
    This also seems to be a bug when setting up an imap account.
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    Today was at the mall getting my wife's Macbook fixed. Was using the browser. Pages stopped loading. When I entered a url or search and hit enter all I got was a white card. No loading icon, nothing. Tried going into and out of airplane mode with no success. Restarted the phone completely and it began working properly. Early adopter FTL!!
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    Phone freezes if battery is allowed to die. Several others have had this problem.

    I have another thread about this which could be merged. I would post the link, but since i'm a noob here vBvBvB $won$'$t$ $let$ $me$.

    Search for: "Battery trouble this morning"
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    My Issues are:

    1. When attempting to delete photos, it takes 2-3 attempts to delete and often after you think the photo is deleted you get a note saying the deletion failed.
    2. Coming from a BB Pearl 8120 and an iPod Touch, I don't think the Pre is nearly as intuitive. Maybe this will improve.
    3. Seems sluggish.
    4. Don't like the keyboard. Very tight, especially when entering numbers.
    5. Too many functions to turn the phone "on. Goes off too soon/easily.
    6. Phone is always at least warm.
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    The speaker on this phone is LOUD! The problem is that the ringtone MP3s are themselves set to low volume levels. cencom14 discovered this and explained the fix in the thread "Workaround to increase Pre ringer volume!"

    So here's the bug: The volumes of the ringtone MP3s are set way too low.
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    GIF image files do not show up at all in Photos app, although they display fine in Email (I store NYC subway map as GIF). Pre specs clearly show GIF and Animated GIF support. JPG shows up fine, although slightly blurry.

    AIM buddy names are auto-added to Contacts after adding AIM account to Messaging app, but deleted buddies are not removed from Contacts (have to remove entire account, then re-add).

    My screen is fine, but fiance's has 1 dead pixel.
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    I've just noticed that the little "replied to" icon that appears to the left of emails in the Inbox seem to appear/disappear randomly. Emails that I *KNOW* I've replied to don't show that icon. In fact, right now none of the emails in my Inbox is showing that icon, which I know is not true. Anyone else see this bug? Can you confirm it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by welance View Post
    Why won't you add the lack of syncing birthdays to the calendar?
    Sorry, I'm trying to get caught up. But if it looks like I missed something, don't hesitate to remind me.

    NiceGPSuperior1 is a free GPS program, now with the ability to save your map! Get more info here. It's free! If you like this app and want to encourage development, you can donate from the web page link.

    NiceDrudgeReader is a fast, simple reader for The Drudge Report. It is only $0.99, so check it out, too! More info here.

    Search for "Nice" in the app catalog to see all my apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by repseki View Post
    I just added my songs and the images associated with the .mp3 are showing up in my Photos application. I searched and do not have any image files (.jpg, .png, .bmp) in my music folder only mp3's. This makes the Photo app almost unusable since you have to sort through so much stuff.
    Huh. I thought it was because I have a bad habit of keeping the cover artwork in the directories of the MP3's I have and the phone was picking it up...but you're right, those are from the imbedded photos in the .MP3's.... That's annoying as hell...I wonder what happens when you delete one of them? Does the MP3 file go away, or does the image in the player just go away?
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    Sorry if this has been posted already. I just got off the phone with Sprint and they could not access contacts through Sprint Nav either. A forum member confirmed it as well.

    Until a fix one must enter addresses manually.
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    Every once in a while the volume keys sticks & i have toggle back and forth to fix it.

    (Now I can only lower the volume, if I try to rasie the volume it gets stuck completely.)

    I'm scared after reading all these post if this is the begging of the end. I love the phone, but I can't have it fall apart on me.
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    Re the mute. Sounds like it is behaving like the switch on the iPhone, which has bugged me in the past. That just seems to turn the phone onto vibrate for the ringer, but if you do something like a video you still get sound, possibly loud. Unless you have headset plugged in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gjlowe View Post
    EAS with a forced PIN policy isn't supported

    Although this should be implemented correctly by Palm, as a workaround, it is possible for your SA to add an exception for your account to Exchange to not enforce this policy. No guarantee, but if you ask, they may do it for you.
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    #16 is a feature, not a bug.

    Some feature list -- fairly official, as I recall -- described the Ringer Switch as muting all sounds except for music and video, unlike previous Palm Treos. And considering those are activated intentionally it shouldn't be too big of a deal.
  15. #195 many problems I wonder if I should get it now. For some stupid reason, Sprint's fault, I was not able to get my phone saturday even though it was right in front of my face. With all of these issue, I'm wondering if I should wait a little longer. I can't believe Palm rushed this out with so many bugs...I guess they had to get it out before the iphone like MS got the 360 out before sony. Lots of bugs, hopefully it's just software and can be updated with firmware.

    I'm a little worried about battery warming up, not lasting a long time and the screen leakage. I'll definitely take a look at those issues when I get a hold of it on Monday. I hope I don't have problems you guys are experiencing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vintagevalves View Post
    Today was at the mall getting my wife's Macbook fixed. Was using the browser. Pages stopped loading. When I entered a url or search and hit enter all I got was a white card. No loading icon, nothing. Tried going into and out of airplane mode with no success. Restarted the phone completely and it began working properly. Early adopter FTL!!
    I've had this same problem and fixed it the same way. Another symptom of this is when links no longer click.
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    So this is not HUGE but rather annoying for someone like me (and others) who tracks scores online...

    If using (maybe other websites too) and I have a page open, I will often lock the phone and put it in my pocket. When I pull the phone back out to recheck the score on the already open browser, I CAN'T! If I refresh the page, the browser locks up. I am often forced to close the browser and reopen it.

    This is quite an annoying little bugger...I know it's likely EASILY fixable. Just sucks for now cause I could do it on my Instinct without a problem. Hope sprint is reading this. =]
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    Hi all,

    So far I have discovered:

    1. 1 dead pixex = extremely minor annoyance
    2. 2 crashes = very annoying and disconcerting
    3. The back of the Pre gets hot at random times = cause for concern
    4. 1 instance of not being able to send a text message because the Pre become unresponsive to any input on the messaging screen. I had already input the text to send but when I hit the send button nothing happend. I could not backspace on any text - I simply went into card mode and had to swipe it off the screen = minor concern

    The crashes are what concern me most. I have had to do two battery pulls thus far. The Pre was working - I put it away and when I go to use is dead - black screen and unresponsive to power button.


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    Is it just me or the left side of my screen is misalingened when i tap. Ill tap a left icon in launcher and it will launch the middle one. also when i open the camera and take a pic it wot let me touch the icon to go to photos. it touches everywhere around it and still misses it.. wtf
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    I can confirm "19. I think I found a bug with the facebook contact syncing...", sync was fine, added two contacts to google contacts, added them as facebook friends later, still no facebook contact (or pictures).

    A more serious bug I've had: sometimes I'll make a call and hear nothing, when this happens I have to plug in a pair of headphones and unplug them, then the sound works again. Alternatively I can also turn the speakerphone on, but this doesn't fix the bug, its only a quick workaround. Anyone else seen this behavior?

    I'm updated to 1.0.2
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