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    I just bought mine an hour ago, and tried to make my first call... that's when it crashed on me. Had to do a battery pull to reboot the thing. Now installing 1.02, though... hopefully this helps. 1.0 is surprisingly slow (but livable).
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    I was the first one to pick mine up at a Best Buy and I've crashed it 3 times doing complex tasks such as adding a contact and browsing gmail. Wow, this better get fixed quick!
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    Phone is awesome, waited inline 2 hours in ocala, no issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Been using mine since just before 9am this morning, working great. I installed 1.02 right away.
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    bricked while taking a picture. Frozen solid. had to remove battery to get the phone to respond at all. Sales rep warned me to never remove the battery! HUH? Am currently updating to 1.0.2

    hoping this solves some issues. Otherwise, it wont be a happy place around here to say the least.
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    Just to add to my earlier post, as soon as I installed 1.02 it worked like a charm. You can't do anything without that update!
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    wilderf, which store was that at?
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    I've been testing my Pre for the past 5 hours and zero crashes!!

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    Posting from my Pre. NOOOOO complaints about the general use of the phone, but since I've had it this morning, my phone has crashed like 8 times. I'm beginning to think that only some were unlucky, as my gf got one today as well and has not crashed at all.
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    I have been using my phone since 11 a.m. 0 crashes so far.
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    I can't figure out how to add a signature to sms.
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    mine crashed 11 times in 5 hours
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    Quote Originally Posted by MicahDG View Post
    The first thing I did after getting through the intro tutorial was to update my two Pres to 1.0.2. No software problems yet.
    Mine froze in the messages application right after the update. It rebooted automatically. It's been fine since then, though.
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    Seems as if 1.02 seems to help out quite a bit. Does it help with crashes? Don't know since I don't have one.

    But for those who have tons so far, i'd be as ticked as you. This is another reason I kind of waited. If I had multiple resets, i'd have probably taken it back. After the 700p i'm not about to go through that again.
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    My phone had 1.0.2 OTB, and have experienced no crashes so far. Sometimes things will be a little jerky, but overall experience has been mostly smooth. And I do stuff like multiple delete swipes on emails. If you're quick enough you can get 3-4 emails in 1 shot.
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    No crashes at all. Running 1.0.2 and I'm trying to crash it, but I can't. Even with all these third party apps, the phone runs like a champ!
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    Crashed once during the update, but since 1.0.2 its been smooth sailing. This browser is the best on any mobile device IMO.
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    Mine crashed 4 times in 4 hours. I was super bummed and returned it to bestbuy. Kinda pissed since alot of folks say they are having great experiences with their Pre's.

    Guess it's since my 700p was relatively normal when everyone else's were crashing.

    A saddened post Pre user :/
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    No crashes or freezes. Been going non-stop since 9:00am EDT. I updated to 1.0.2 this morning and I've been downloading and playing with various apps all day. The phone has been very solid.
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    I love how people complain of crashes while making no mention of upgrading the FW to 1.02.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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