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    leaving mine on until it falls off, when I'll replace with the free one the rep threw in (Cellet Guarde Gardge for Palm Pre). If I don't like that one I'll replace it when my Ghost Armor gets here.
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    Here's what I did, your gonna love this one. As soon as the AT&T store around the corner from my house opened to day I went there with my shinny new Pre. I asked the rep if they had any screen protectors instock and how much? Rep grab one for me. The rep said" ya it's a good idea to keep the screen covered, wished I would have done itsooner myself, my screen is all scrached up". I smiled and said "Oh my bad brother it's not for an Iphone. I'm gonna take this home and cut it down to fit my Pre." Then I held up the Iphone screen protector in front of my Pre just to make sure I would have enough room to work with. I smiled to the rep and said thanks and have a good day, He asked if he could check it out. LOL

    So anyway, I went home and measured the screen area and made a carboard templet. I place the templet over the screen protector and taped it in place. Then I got a metal ruler and a really sharp razerblade. After four careful cuts I had a very nice screen protector. Plus I got to see a Iphone guy drool over my Pre. Yes I may burn in hell, but at least my screen will be scrach free!
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    I kept that cheap little plastic thing on mine until I could get Phantom Skinz on mine. Those cheap plastic ones are soooo annoying. Glad I got mine skinned today. I dont think I could take much more of the other one lol
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