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    Took mine off. It's now in the cheapo bag until my Invisible Shield comes in...
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    I took mine off after about 15 minutes!!!
    The rep did mention that they had noticed while using the phone the last few days, that the plastic protector did slightly interfere with the proximity sensor and sometimes prevented the screen from turning off when the phone was held against the face!
    ...just a heads up for you screen protector keepers!
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    Not I. It was off before I left the store! lol
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    Mine's staying on until the screen protectors are available.
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    Which brand of protector are you guys getting? Seems like the favorites are Invisible Shield, Ghost Armor, and Body Guards. At least two of those brands are on sale through today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nora View Post
    My rep was great. He set it up with the cover on. When I inquired about screen protectors, he said, not yet, but soon. He asked if I wanted to keep the one on it on and I said yes, so HE cut the tab off for me. LOVE IT! Can't even tell its there!
    Worked great..
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    mine came loose after slipping it in my pocket, DAMN!!!! need an invisible shield
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    took mine off... touch screen response is 100x better with it off... i couldn't pinch zoom good with the plastic on.... it way easier to do now
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    What's a good brand that is already pre-cut for the Pre ??
    Sprint 755p, 700p, 650 - I am not a geek! Really!
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    I was going to, but it came off in my pocket. I went by BB and bought a box of 3 generic fit invisible shields - now my wife has to cut to fit.
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    I just bought the Bodyguards simply because two sets came with it. As an impulse buy, I also bought the Ghost Armor. I hope the newbie plastic cover lasts till they come in.
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    I'm keeping mine on until I buy a replacement protector.
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    I just cut the tab off and will be leaving it on the phone until I get a invis. shield
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    Quote Originally Posted by Longstrider View Post
    I intended to keep mine on, and then I put the phone in my pocket. The plastic screen came off and the sticky side collected lint. I tried to put it back on, knowing good and well it wouldn't work. I am treating the phone with kit gloves now. Where do I get the invisible shield?
    The exact same thing happened to me!
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    What plastic? hahahah I can't stand those things. I like to keep my phones as naked as possible.
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    I had to remov e mine, it started coming off and was screwing with the proximity sensor while on calls. Either screen wouldn't shut off, or couldn't get it to come on...

    I couldn't hang up a phone call beacuse of it. Thougt the phone was locked up because I couldn;t get the screen to come on til I removed the protector.
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    naked and loving it.
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    Kept mine on.

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    Suzy-Pre still has her skirt on
    I see pandas.
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    i bought the screen protector but im gonna mess it up by cutting it wrong. is there a precut template somewhere i can trace from?
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