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    I'm on the west cost and i want to know how early i should get to my sprint or best buy store.

    How many phones did your store have?
    What type of store did you goto?
    How many people where in line?
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    4 @ bestbuy i'm about to go leave and wait.
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    14 at my corp. store
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    Corporate store in speedway/indianapolis IN had 47, about 30 are sold as of now....I was there at 6:50 and there was only one other person ahead of me, however by 8am there were 25 ppl in line
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    65 at Cary, NC Crossroads store.
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    Sprint refusing to tell potential customers how many phones they had is backfiring big on them. I bet a lot of people are skipping a launch purchase because they dont want the hassle, and a lot of the loyal fans are annoyed by the uneccessary hoops we have to jump through.
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    70 here... im 36th in line.
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    the corporate store in st louis that im in line at says they are not allowed to tell is how many they have
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    As I bought my 2 Pre's this morning, I asked the rep who was really really cool how many they had in stock. He said he wasnt sure, wasnt something he paid attention to.
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    More than 30 at my Local NJ Store.
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    im at my local store now six in line out of 12
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    35 at the corporate store in Toledo, OH. Limit of 5 per account. I was number 6 in line, and the woman behind me was getting 4.
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    At least 30 at the Fairfax Corner store here. That doesn't include what I assume to be at least 10 held to the side for other customers.
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    15 at non corporate Sprint store in Marietta, GA In front of the wal-mart just south of the big chicken. 11 were sold by the time I left the store.

    Im sensing a trend, Non corp stores get around 15 each, best buys get even less than that on average, walmarts and radio shacks probably are getting 2 each on average. The corp sprint stores get like 70 on average.
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    I got there @ 0700. I was 10th. The store had 15 Pres... About 30 people came altogether.
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    80 at my Sprint Corp Store. I was 5th in line.
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    still waiting. about 20 inline. would like to know how many phones other stores have
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    29 at a corporate/non corporate store. and they sold pretty much half already
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    Bloomington, Indiana corporate: 20

    When we arrived at 7am we were 1st in line, although a couple of people parked in a lot nearby and stayed in their cars.

    By the time we left (9:20am) they must have sold half....
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    40 in Slidell, LA - 20 miles north of New Orleans
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