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    35 in line at the Dodge St store in Omaha Nebraska. They had 40 Pre's. I would imagine the sold out by 9:00 AM
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    30 in Salt Lake City. Still had 5 left when I walked out with my Pre at 8:30 am.
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    33 units at Sprint store in Framingham, MA.

    I was 12th in line at 8:05AM. Got to the rep at 9:15AM. Left the store empty handed at 1:30PM after they could not get the Pre working with my work Exchange server because Pre choose not to implement EAS device pin lock feature. Very disappointing as this turned out a total waste of time . . . back to 755p.
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    Sprint store by xyz on 149st in Bronx NY had 20
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    Greensboro NC.

    I got there at 11:30 and left about 12:30 with my new pre. They had 9 left when I left the store. 2 people were waiting to get a pre at that time. The manager told me they had sold 45 that morning before I got mine.
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    Denton, TX (40 miles north of downtown dallas)


    they said they had no campers and about 15 people when the store opened
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    The Best Buy where I went had 5 and my wife and I were 3 & 4 to get ours and only one other person was behind us, so exactly 5 of us waiting in line about an hour before they opened.
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    deerfield il corp store -- 25 phones- got there at 7a, 15th in line- left at 1145am!
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    125 New Orleans on Veterans.
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    80 in Green Hills Nashville store. There were 70 claimed by the time I left the store.
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    34 on Geary in San Francisco. Waited 4 hrs and Nadda. I am very pissed at the way Palm and Sprint are dealing with this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by howiej1 View Post
    Waited 4 hrs and Nadda. I am very pissed at the way Palm and Sprint are dealing with this.
    I agree
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    9 units. I lucked out and got one
    I'm a Pre gal now
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    I can't believe the supply disparity. I went to Best Buy and they had THREE. People there got text messages from people at a Sprint Store a couple miles away and they had eight. The other Sprint store I called got fifty.

    Like, wtf?
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    There must have been at least 80 to 120 in the Santa Clara/San Jose Sprint Store at Lawrence/280 intersection. When I went around 8.45am there were about 30-35 people ahead of me in the line. They were distributing tickets to the people at the end of the line. I got something like 81. I went out for coffee and when come back 25 minutes later the guy behind me was already in the store. Waited at the head of line for 5 minutes. Got everything done in 30 minutes. I noticed the slip on my phone also said 81. So I am assuming they had at least 81 phones.

    They were still admitting people. There was always a line of around 10-15 people at the door. Around 11.30am they ran out of the phones. I think everyone who came between 8am and 11.15am managed to buy one.

    I went down to Best Buy a couple of miles down in Santana Row. The guy said they had only one Pre and sold it to guy who was waiting for store to open since 6am.
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    Beaumont Corp Store in Texas has about 100+ at least. I know this because she passed out printouts to everyone in line and as soon as she ran out that was it. It appeared she had about 100-150 papers.
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    Mays Landing, NJ had 50......
    got there a little before 7am, I was #1 in line........they opened the doors at 8:00am, I was out the door with my new Pre by 8:30am!
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    Quote Originally Posted by eddieras View Post
    deerfield il corp store -- 25 phones- got there at 7a, 15th in line- left at 1145am!
    it was good to meet you!
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    60-80 at the Manhattan Beach, CA store. I was #37 arriving at 8 AM. All phones accounted for by 9 or 9:30 AM.
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    Coon Rapids MN Best Buy had 9, most other Best Buy's only had three or so the rep told me. Looks like the leaked inventory list was accurate from what I remember.
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