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    25 in Sprint Store (487 Bloomfield Ave Caldwell, NJ). Pretty sure they sold out. They were telling people waiting online that they could order them and have them in on Monday.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Our Sprint store in Wichita Falls had 35 phones, got mine, oh yea! what a great day it is.
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    The authorized Sprint store I went to in Long Beach had 7 and sold all. I went home with 2
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    Houston, TX

    Westheimer @ Shepherd

    Corporate store. Said they had 45. There were 25-30 of us in line when they opened so I wouldn't doubt if they're all gone by now.
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    56 at a corp store in West Hartford, CT
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    10 at one of the Sprint Stores here in Grand Rapids, MI (Celebration Village). Not sure how many the others had.
    Supposedly they will be getting 65 more in the next week or so.
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    The store I went to had 100. I was 12th in line. I could have bought 5. Probably can still go back right now and buy one.
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    4 at my avarage size Best Buy. The Estimates here on pre central were dead on! They handed out appointments at 9:00am. I'm petty sure all 4 are gone already. I am number one. I didn't even get the ok from the other half till after 8:00am today!! I didn't think I had a chance. 20 more minutes!!!
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    The downtown KC store told me they sold 120 pres at the party the night before. I bought mine this morning and they said they had about 100 left and expect to sellout by end of morning.
    Sprint Pre, Mugen 2800mah battery
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    4 at the Farminington Hills MI Best Buy. I was #2 in line.

    Prior to going to that Best Buy, I went to the one in Southfield MI. They were having people that were waiting in their cars sign a list. There were about 5 cars total, outside of myself, in the parking lot with people waiting to buy the Pre. By the time he got to my car, he said that he had to put me on a waiting list because the person before me was going to get the last one. So I would say that that Best Buy only had about 5 Pre's.

    I am just thankful that I got mines.
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    Probably about 40..

    Polaris Mall corporate store, Columbus, OH
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    My store in Mesquite, TX told us they had 105. It's a rather large store but there was only 25 people or so at opening. When I left at around 830 or so people were still showing up. They sold all 13 touchstones they had though.
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    30 here in Concord, NC.
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    The Sprint store in North Canton, OH had 22 which were all accounted for by 8 (I was first! yay).
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    Line was 30 deep and they had a ticket number for everybody before I left. San Jose
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    There were 12 people in line at the frederick,md corp store. They had about 40.

    Btw, posting from my AWESOME Pre!
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    at least 40 at the Bucktown Chicago store
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    I went to Sprint Corporate store in South Austin.

    Got there at 8:15am. 18 people in front of me. Store had 95 Pres on hand. Walked out of the door with my pre at about 9:45am after a LONG activation process. I think the sprint rep caused most of the problems.
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    McKnight road store in Pittsburgh had 30. There were 12 of us in line when the store opened. Now they are probably gone.
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    Campbell, CA just west of San Jose had given out all 41 tickets before the Sprint store opened. I was first in and second out on account of I had to create a new profile and my old Nokia on AT&T had to deactivate. So they're sold out here with a waiting list for more, "in case" someone who showed up and got a ticket left or didn't buy a second one, or maybe a shipment comes during the day while they're selling to the first 41.

    I waited in line for a little over 12 hours. We didn't sleep at all, and I'm tired.
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