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    I'm gonna ask for the training and ask a lot of questions and I'll make everyone behind me wait an extra 2 hours, hahaha
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    i joked with the girl that theres nothing that she could possibly tell me that i dont know already lol she smiled and gave me my stuff and i was out
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    I think I knew more about the pre than ANY sprint employee I've spoken to across 4-5 stores...and that's NOT saying I know everything, it's saying they didnt know much.

    the lady this morning was so confused on how I kept knowing which picture to tap before the pre highlighted it lol
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    no training at BB. though when i stopped by the sprint store (to get the touchstone), she told me i can stop by anytime for the training.
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    I just talked with someone last night, Ready Now is NOT a requirement:

    JGoldsborough@nerdtalker My guess is if you tell our reps "no thanks" on Ready Now they won't force u . There if u need it, u know. #prelaunch

    JGoldsborough@nerdtalker Well, pt of Ready Now 2 make sure customers feel comfortable w/ device purchase, what it can do. If u do, all good. #prelaunch
    Palm III -> Visor Prism -> Dell Axim X30 Hi -> HTC Apache -> HTC Mogul -> HTC Touch Pro

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